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Muslim Immigration Pt.31 | Videos

Our flag offends them!

Published on Mar 1, 2012
The British National Party stands up to the police in Hyde after Muslims say our flags offend them.


The Jihadist Next Door

Published on Jan 20, 2016
The film followed a group of Britain’s most dangerous extremists for two years, giving unprecedented access into the bubbling undercurrent of home-grown terrorism. Documentary maker Jamie Roberts even spent time with Siddhartha Dhar (aka Abu Rumaysah), the former bouncy castle salesman who is now suspected to be the second “Jihadi John”.



Uploaded on Sep 17, 2011
Under the general anaesthesia of political correctness ,socially lobotomised masses are being injected with radical Islam without their consent and against their will.


Islamville, SC

Uploaded on May 11, 2009
A WLTX News19 On Your Side Investigation into an Islamic compound in York County, South Carolina called “Islamville.”

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