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Muslim Immigration Pt.35 | Videos


Published on Feb 10, 2016
To all the women in America. Canada, the west and all non -muslim counries .
Your fight for equality was a long and hard battle. A battle won that can still be lost. The acceptance of Islam in America will lead to the loss of women’s equality in America and around the world.


American Flag In Texas Threatens Muslim Community

Published on Jun 21, 2014
“A Texas man is refusing to remove an American flag from the balcony of his new apartment after management allegedly told him it was “a threat to the Muslim Community.”


White girl attacked by African migrants Diversity not shown by mainstream media

Published on Oct 12, 2015


Muslim goes crazy in Copenhagen city train

Uploaded on Jul 17, 2011
Muslim guy in Copenhagen s-train freaks out: “Fat cow. Fuck you. Get out, you dog. Discrimination. It is my right to call you that.” An old lady sits too close to his bike… July 2011.


Muslim Refugees Burn Christmas Tree

Published on Jan 1, 2016
Obama’s beloved peaceful Muslim refugees in Belgium celebrate Christmas! “ALLAHU AKBAR” KABOOM!

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