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Homophobic Barbarians: 10 Reasons Every Gay American Needs to Support the War Against Islamofascism

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By Megan Fox | Posted on March 24 2011
gay-iranian-execution-mashad-july-20051al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot [homosexuals], kill the doer and the receiver.“
For all the screaming about intolerance and bigotry against gays here in America — driven by many people’s objection to changing the definition of the centuries-old institution of marriage — many so-called liberals don’t seem to notice the actual intolerance and murder being meted out on gays in Muslim countries. Homosexuals living in Muslim countries suffer dire consequences for coming out including whipping, banishment, humiliation and even death by stoning, hanging or familial stabbing in accordance with Islamic law. Homosexuals in the Muslim culture are encouraged to commit suicide rather than bring shame on their families.

While the biggest argument regarding homosexuals in America today revolves around which political party gets to invite them to gala events, gays in the Muslim world are fighting for their very lives. Instead of rallying against the Islamization of the West and the homophobia that comes with it, the Left spends its time identifying conservative “hate groups,” none of which include Muslims who hate homosexuals.

There is always the possibility that American gay rights activists haven’t heard of the many atrocities perpetrated on homosexuals by Islam due to the deafening silence of the old media on anything that can be construed as criticism of the ‘religion of peace.’ I aim to change that. The following are ten reasons gays need to join the fight to beat back the growing Islamofascist threat.
10. Bangladesh refugees
Many gays living in Muslim countries have tried to claim refugee status in free nations with tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are denied and told to act less gay to avoid problems in their home countries. An unidentified gay couple from Bangladesh who had been stoned, whipped and threatened with death if caught, tried to seek refugee protections in Australia but were turned down.

When the review tribunal rejected their application for refugee status last year, it said the couple had “lived together for over four years without experiencing any more than minor problems … they clearly conducted themselves in a discreet manner, and there is no reason to suppose that they would not continue to do so if they returned home now.”

Minor problems? I’ve heard Australians are tough, but how much more than stoning, whipping and fatwas on your head do you have to go through before they call it a major problem? For whatever reason, the government of Australia doesn’t have much sympathy for gays in the Islamic world. The question is, will they have any sympathy for Australian gays when the Islamists come for them?
9. Gay parade shut down by violent Muslims
Bosnia’s first gay parade was interrupted by violent Muslims who attacked the party-goers in a violent rage. The organizers of the event had received death threats before the event, but chose to move forward anyway. When the angry mob attacked, they were shouting, “Kill the gays! Allahu Akbar!”

Still, leftists and some libertarians defend Islam’s violent realities.  Anything Muslims do is blamed on America’s support of Israel at the expense of Muslims. It’s the ultimate “get out of jail free” card. Beat up gays? It’s okay, America sucks. Blow up women and children? George Bush sucks. Sell young girls into marriage-slavery? Muslims are just so misunderstood.

Instead of spending our time fighting the danger Islam poses to freedom, we spend it trying to understand their motivation for hating us and apologizing for absolutely barbaric behavior while more and more people suffer under Islam. The leftist gay community spends their time protesting Chick-Fil-A.
8. The Cairo 52 and torture of gays in Egypt
A more well-known attack on homosexuals occurred in Egypt in 2004. 52 men, including one teen, were arrested for dancing at a nightclub under false charges of debauchery. Egyptian police have been accused of horrendous incidents of torture, a subject the Left is very vocal about when it involves American soldiers. Curiously, these very same leftists are quiet on the issue when it involves Muslim intolerance of gays.

The men were subject to invasive “forensic exams” which included the stripping of the suspects and humiliating searches of body cavities to “prove” homosexual activity. Many times, the suspects are sexually violated in the process (a real head-scratcher, considering the whole reason they were arrested was for allegedly engaging in the same sexual behavior.)

Police routinely torture men suspected of homosexual conduct. The report cites testimonies of victims telling how they were bound, suspended in painful positions, burned with cigarettes or submerged in ice-cold water, and subjected to electroshock on their limbs and genitals.

All 52 men, including the teen, were sentenced to jail time for crimes for which there was no evidence and no witnesses. The American Left continued to call Islam a peaceful and enlightened religion. Gay Americans need to ask themselves: is this the kind of future we want?
7. Muslims torch World AIDS day
Several LGBT events in Indonesia were violently attacked by Islamists resulting in many injuries and intimidation. The police, who are sworn to protect people, refused or were unable to stop the attacks. During one recent melee in 2010, the headquarters of the LGBT groups sponsoring an event were vandalized with messages that read, “Gays and lesbians are moral terrorists.”

A year earlier, in September 1999, a comparable confrontation occurred at the Dana Hotel in Solo, where the National Gay and Lesbian Network planned to convene for a two-day working meeting. Days before it was scheduled to begin, conservative Muslim organisations, including MUI, learned of the event and proclaimed that it should not take place because it would be ‘very embarrassing’ and akin to ‘legalising the practice of such sexual deviations’. Detractors threatened acts of violence – burning down the hotel and killing participants – which led to the swift cancellation of the meeting.

Even with solid evidence of total Islamic intolerance of homosexuality, Christians still receive the brunt of the Left’s vile accusations of homophobia. In reality, homosexuals are far safer and accepted in predominately Christian countries than any Islamic society. It will not always be so if homosexuals don’t fight the Islamic sword of intolerance that aims to wipe them off the face of the earth.
6. There are no homosexuals in Iran
Iranian menace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran doesn’t have homosexuals.

In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country…we do not have this phenomenon. I do not know who has told you we have it.

What he left out is the reason Iran is devoid of gays. They kill them.

The Iranian authorities stepped up their crusade against homosexuality in 1990, with a wave of public executions. On the first day of the new crackdown, three gay men were beheaded in a city square in Nahavand, and two women accused of lesbianism were stoned to death in Langrood. Justifying these killings, the Iranian Chief Justice, Morteza Moghtadai, declared: “The religious punishment for the despicable act of homosexuality is death for both parties”

Illustrating more compassion and mercy, Iranian Islamists have no compunction about describing gruesome details of what punishments the Quran prescribes for homosexuals.

They should seize him (or her), they should keep him standing, they should split him in two with a sword, they should either cut off his neck or they should split him from the head…. after he is dead, they bring logs, make a fire and place the corpse on the logs, set fire to it and burn it. Or it should be taken to the top of a mountain and thrown down. Then the parts of the corpse should be gathered together and burnt. Or they should dig a hole, make a fire in the hole and throw him alive into the fire. We do not have such punishments for other offences”, boasted the Ayatollah. “There cannot be the slightest degree of mercy or compassion. … Praise be to God.”

Why any civilized society tolerates these people is a mystery.

When they aren’t executing gays, the Iranian government is forcing them into gender reassignment surgery. The leftist spin and Iranian explanation are one and the same. The high number of transsexuals in Iran, they say, is because Iranians are enlightened and evolved and as such, allow gender surgeries for the homosexual population. But the problem with this theory is it’s 100% wrong. The only reason Iran allows for these surgeries is to enforce their anti-gay agenda. They want all men and women to be heterosexuals, so if you are a man with homosexual feelings they promise equality, if you will just have your genitals removed. But even after gay people (who wouldn’t otherwise have this surgery) go through with it, they still face ridicule and even death.

An Iranian man who underwent the gender reassignment surgery and was known as Mahsa was found beaten and stabbed to death. It was discovered her brothers committed the crime. They served ridiculously short sentences.

The two brothers confessed to the killing of Mahsa, and mentioned the reason as “opposing her immorality”. Their father, who in Iranian Shari’a law is the Vali’ye Dam (Masa’s blood-owner), forgave his two sons for the murder. One brother was sentenced to 8 years in prison, with five years suspended jail time and the other for three with two years suspended jail time. In other words the brothers would only serve three and one year respectively in prison for murder!

The BBC report that focuses on the supposed rights of transsexuals in Iran does a serious disservice to freedom by not reporting that most of the surgeries are forced under threat of death or inability to make a living, not to mention the abuse transsexuals suffer at the hands of “doctors.”

Many of those Iranians undergoing operations end up far worse off because of carelessly performed or even incomplete reassignment procedures and absent pre-surgery counseling.

Those individuals who receive psychotherapy are sometimes assaulted and abused by their therapists. There have been incidents where therapists tell their patients to have sex with them if they want to prove that they have feminine emotions. There have been other incidents where transsexuals have been raped by their surgeons. Surgeons are aware that their transsexual patients do not often have financial and/or family support so they commit the sexual violence without fear of any sanction. Often, victims cannot file a complaint with the police as police themselves commit the same sort of acts all the time.

Most transgendered individuals cannot get a job until they go through a sex-change operation and receive a new identification card.

It’s not exactly the model of tolerance and acceptance the Left claims to support.
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