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‘Hey you, stupid Christians, make this cake’

From WND
By Cheryl Chumley | 18 August 2015

Same-sex marriage ignites ‘religious persecution’ debate in Australia

A debate waged on Australian television over the fate and repercussions of “gay” marriage in the country took a fiery turn after one of the panelists, Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill, pointed to the intolerance of same-sex union advocates toward traditional marriage supporters, and said the scenes coming from America show religious persecution has become an acceptable part of the platform.

What was even more noteworthy: O’Neill described himself as a liberal.

The discussions kicked off when traditional marriage advocate Katy Faust, who was raised in a same-sex household, said the United States didn’t consider the harmful effects of raising children in a household headed by “gay” parents, News.com.au reported. Labor’s Sam Daystari broke in and accused Faust of making uncivilized and unnecessary comments.

Daystari said: “I find it very hard to respect your views because I don’t think it comes from a place of love, I think it comes from a place of hate. I worry that so much of your view comes from not really with an issue of marriage, but an issue with homosexuality. You have described it as a lifestyle. You have said homosexuality drives us further away from God. I’m sorry, but I think this American evangelical clap-trap is the last thing we need in our debate.”

That’s when O’Neill jumped into the mix.

He outlined what “freaks me out about gay marriage” as putting forth as a “civil-rightsy issue” but instead, possessing a “really ugly intolerant streak” where those who oppose are “demonized, harassed,” he said, the news outlet reported.

In a video clip of the debate, O’Neill went on: “We’ve seen people thrown out of their jobs because they opposed gay marriage, ejected from polite society. You know, 200 years ago, if you didn’t believe in God, you wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting ahead in public life. Today, if you don’t believe in gay marriage, you don’t have a hope in hell of getting ahead in public life. There’s a real ugly element to this and I think, you know, you really see it with the whole cake shop phenomenon.”
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