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Time to cut the cord: $95 gets you a Fire TV and free network TV in HD for life

Another option is the Roku, which my family uses. We were spending over $100 a month for cable and now, with the Roku, we’re only spending $30.00 a month. 
We paid just under $100 for the Roku 3.  We have a subscription to Netflix [$10.00 per month] and we’re trying out Sling TV [a basic subscription to Sling TV is $20 a month and includes ESPN, A&E, History, AMC, Lifetime, and more]. There’s a large selection of free channels available with the Roku [YouTube, Weather Nation, numerous movie channels, etc.] and an option to subscribe to other channels like Sling TV [see above], Hulu, HBO, and others. Unlike the Amazon Fire we don’t have the option of watching local channels, though [not that we feel like we’re missing anything].  ~Angel 

BGR News
Maren Estrada | May 2, 2016
If you’ve lived your entire life as a cable or satellite TV subscriber, the prospect of cutting the cord can be daunting. You already subscribe to services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video so you know there’s plenty of content out there that’s available on demand, but what about live TV? Will you be able to watch your favorite shows from major networks as they air? Will you be able to watch them at all?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to cut the cord and we’ve found the perfect bundle to help you do it.

This week only, Amazon has a sale going on its Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle, which will give you access all of the apps and content available to stream through the Fire TV, plus free live broadcast television in HD for life. And best of all, the bundle is on sale for just $95 shipped, which is less than the regular price of the Fire TV alone!

Here are the key details:
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