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European Union Plans to Fine Countries… For Refusing Refugees

From Louder with Crowder
By Kacie Burnett | May 3 2016

The EU Commission plans to impose fines on countries that refuse to take refugees under revised EU asylum laws to be put forward on Wednesday [May 4th]. The commission will propose a sanction of €250,000 per refugee. [I]t proposes that when a country at the EU’s external border is overwhelmed, asylum seekers should be distributed across the continent.

Most countries that share the same continent still differ vastly from one another. Except Africa. I think everyone agrees that all of Africa is a death trap filled with countries nobody’s heard of until there’s an Ebola outbreak. But this isn’t the case with the rest of the developed world. Just take a look at Canada and Mexico, connected only by their proximity to the US. Also, their failure to outdo us in any category besides freedom violations (see Dana Loesch and Crowder on Why Canada is Now Screwed). As it turns out, European countries also have their dissimilarities. They just reconcile them differently… With fines.

So Germany loves bratwurst and violent migrants. Turkey prefers kebab and isn’t big on the whole refugee thing. It’s not for everyone. No big deal. Right?

Actually, it’s apparently really, really not okay with the European Union. They hate it so much that they’re trying to force a law on all EU nations that says you have to take in refugees… Or else. And it’s a hefty “or else.”
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One response to “European Union Plans to Fine Countries… For Refusing Refugees

  1. FatherJonj 2016-05-04 at 3:40 pm

    Good luck with that! I doubt that any of the countries targeted are going to give in to that kind of blackmail and coercive bullying. In fact it could lead to the eventual breakup of the EU. War is a possibility as countries stand up for their sovereign rights. Merkel has a lot to answer for! Let’s never forget her name..


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