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Who are the Soldiers of Odin?


“Right wing extremists”? Inside Finland’s Soldiers of Odin street patrol

15 January 2016
Europe is in crisis. Now is not the time to prohibit patrol groups.
As the migrant crisis escalates and migrant crime continues to dominate headlines, street patrol groups have become popular.
One of these groups is the “Soldiers of Odin”, a Finnish patrol group with around 500 members. In stories across the media, they’ve been characterized as violent extremists and fascists.
In an interview I conducted with the Soldiers of Odin, they told me that these portrayals are lies peddled to delegitimize their cause.
The vice president of the Soldiers of Odin, who asked not to be named, stated their main goal is to “make and keep our streets safe”. He continued, “The media lies to everyone about what is happening in Europe. They try to silence everyone who tries to bring up the truth”.
The Soldiers of Odin aren’t criminals. All they do is walk the streets. And yet, they’ve have been slandered as a “white supremacist” group.


Some “True Finns” back “Soldiers of Odin”

14 January 2016
Some senior members of the populist “True Finns” (TF) party have broken ranks to publicly back the idea of civilian patrols in Finnish cities to prevent “refugee” sex attacks and related crime in that country—and one TF Member of Parliament has expressly said that there is nothing wrong with the “Soldiers of Odin” patrol group which is currently being smeared by the controlled media.

Swedish Women Sympathetic Toward Soldiers Of Odin

5 April 2016
A Swedish reporter was surprised to find that women are supportive of the Soldiers of Odin group, saying they make the streets safer.

Finnish Anti-Immigration Militia ‘Soldiers Of Odin’ Growing Across Europe

15 February 2016
The group claims to have 600 members in more than 25 chapters across nine European countries, as well as the United States.
The Norwegian chapter of Soldiers of Odin made its debut in the city of Tonsberg in southern Norway Saturday, when 14 men took the streets.

Norway: Muslim Migrants grope and molest women, get beaten up by Soldiers Of Odin

6 April 2016
Western Europe is ripe for conquest and already in surrender mode, with its men unable or willing to protect its women from the Muslim migrants who believe that Infidel women exist for their sexual pleasure. Norway, however, doesn’t look as if it is going to go quietly into the night.

‘Soldiers of Odin’: Finnish anti-migrant group with ‘extremist features’ takes to patrolling streets

14 January 2016
Its members argue that they are the eyes and ears of the streets, since police are not doing enough to provide security to the locals.

Finland’s Immigration Crisis

6 March 2016
With all of Finland’s talk of multiculturalism and immigration, new narratives about the corrosive effects of both multiculturalism and the wave of asylum seekers have surfaced in the media, shocking both the government and the public. News stories discuss the increase in unemployment, the mounting cost of social benefits during the decline of welfare state, problems in educating foreigners, and issues of assimilation with the majority culture, which respects Finnish values and a secular, liberal and open society — all different from traditional Muslim values.

Neo-Nazis on Street Patrol to ‘Keep Europe’s Women Safe from Migrant Sex Attacks’

4 February 2016
But when you strip people of their security, when you force on them a new culture which refuses to assimilate and worse, rapes women and children, there tends to be this thing some scientists refer to as “backlash.” In this case, it’s taken the form of Neo-Nazis in Finland.
Which leads us to this group of neo-Nazis who are patrolling the streets of Finland, trying to protect their women from rapey Muslim migrants. Here’s the thing… not surprised. You shouldn’t be either. Frankly I’m only surprised it took this long for there to be a reaction to the crime spree in Europe at the hands of their newest guests.
Right, refugees are guests of their hosting country. They were taken in. They have been given free crap, they’re out of alleged harms way they were allegedly fleeing. How do they repay their hosting countries? Raping women.

Published on Apr 30, 2016
Members of the anti-refugee group ‘Soldiers of Odin’ patrol the streets in Stavanger, Norway. The ‘Soldiers of Odin’ group was originally founded in Finland back in 2015 in response to the high number of migrants and refugees arriving in the country.

Published on Feb 25, 2016
A torch-light parade was held in the Estonian capital on Wednesday – led by a far-right group called the “Soldiers of Odin”. The activists are calling on the country not to accept refugees from Muslim nations.

Published on Feb 9, 2016
Kui karmid on olukorrad Helsingi tänavatel ja mida peaksime kartma siin Eestis? Põliselanike kaitseks pagulasrohketes kohtades patrulliva rühmituse Soldiers of Odin Eesti haru asutajad tulevad oma põhimõtete ja plaanidega avalikkuse ette.

Published on Apr 10, 2016
Soldiers of Odin partioimassa Oulussa viikonloppu yönä.
Soldiers of Odin patrolling around Oulu at weekend night.


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