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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 37

Chilling pictures show ISIS prisoner being thrown to his death from a roof after he was accused of engaging in sodomy in Iraq

These shocking pictures claim to show an ISIS prisoner being thrown to his death from a roof after being accused of engaging in sodomy in Iraq.

ISIS in Majorca: Moment ‘jihadist’ is arrested on suspicion of planning attacks on holidaymakers – as intelligence chiefs warn of plots to bomb Europe’s beach resorts

The news comes it was revealed ISIS is planning terror attacks across Europe this summer, targeting holidaying tourists by posing as ice cream and T-shirt sellers.
German media reports that ISIS is sending jihadists to pretend to sell refreshments before detonating suicide vests and bombs buried under sun loungers at Spanish, French and Italian resorts.


Violence explodes: Hundreds of migrants brawl

It appears Europe’s refugee ‘problem’ is un-fixed again. Riot police were called in to break up a violent clash between hundreds of migrants and a ‘vigilante group’ near a Paris metro station. As The Daily Mail reports, footage from Stalingrad metro, where more than a thousand migrants have been living rough, showed hundreds of men brawling with metal poles and planks of wood.
The police are said to have been pelted with bottles and debris when the arrived at the scene of the fight between the homeless migrants and a so called ‘anti crime brigade’ from Stalingrad, which lies in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The video was filmed from the relative safety of a nearby apartment on the Boulevard de la Vilette. At least four migrants were wounded in the riot, which was one of two that erupted last night. Both men were rushed to the nearby Lariboisière hospital for treatment.

Europe’s New normal? Muslim migrants film rape of male teen

Norway is dealing with yet another gruesome rape perpetrated by newly arriving Muslim migrants.
Authorities have charged four migrants in connection with the gang-rape of a 19-year-old male at a reception center in the city of Vestfold. The incident, which was filmed in December, included three men in their 20s and one in his 40s.
Meanwhile, police are still looking for leads in connection with January’s rape of a 3-year-old migrant in the city of Stavanger.

Chattanooga massacre finally called ‘Islamic terrorism’

The Obama administration finally appears comfortable acknowledging the obvious: The July 16 killing of five U.S. military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was an act of Islamic terrorism.
Kuwaiti-born gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez went on a rampage at a recruiting center and another U.S. military installation this summer, but U.S. officials were reticent to call the attack terrorism.

Tourists detained for wearing bikinis at beach

Be careful where you vacation these days, because the swimsuit police have their knives out.
Just ask a German couple who were detained by police for wearing bikini bathing suits at a beach in Aceh, Indonesia, a no-no according to Shariah law.
According to Tempo, Andre Brun and Dominika Lzastkova were hauled off the beach for wearing “indecent dress” in public.

Christian woman caned for selling alcohol

On the same day a pair of German tourists were detained by authorities in Aceh, Indonesia, for wearing bikinis at one of the conservative province’s beaches, authorities caned an elderly Christian woman for violating Shariah law.
The unnamed woman, 60, was whipped 30 times with a rattan cane in front of a crowd numbering in the hundreds, reported Agence France-Presse. She was charged with the crime of selling alcohol.

Terror in Brussels: Dozens dead in airport, subway attacks

A series of bomb explosions shook Brussels Tuesday morning over a span of 80-plus minutes, leaving at least 31 dead and sending the region into a state of high alert.
The death count is likely to rise, authorities cautioned. Another 187 or more have been injured.

Sharia Law is alive and well in the UK as investigation uncovers shocking details

An Islamic judge “laughed” at a domestic violence victim who had gone to him seeking help and asked her “Why did you marry such a man?”, it has been claimed.
The shocking allegations have been revealed in a report into the use of sharia councils in the UK which also claims men only need to say “I divorce you” three times to separate from their wives while women need the sanction of clerics.
Dutch scholar Machteld Zee managed to get unparalleled access to a number of the religious courts currently operating in the UK – thought to number around 30.

Muslim Gangs Enforcing Sharia on London Streets

The self-proclaimed vigilantes, who call themselves Muslim London Patrol, are seen in several videos abusing people for drinking alcohol, for showing too much flesh and for being homosexual.
In one three-and-a-half minute video posted on YouTube on January 17, a number of hooded men are seen repeatedly shouting “this is a Muslim area” towards non-Muslim passers-by.
In the footage, which was shot at night on the weekend of January 12/13 on a mobile phone, in what is believed to be Whitechapel in east London, one gang member is seen telling a young woman who is wearing a short skirt, “you cannot dress like that in a Muslim area, this is a Muslim area.”
A few moments later, the vigilantes confront a man carrying a can of beer, telling him “no alcohol is allowed.” They then force him to empty out the contents of the can on the sidewalk. One gang member shouts: “Get him to pour it out, pour it out, Muslim area. Alcohol bad. This is a Muslim area. This area is a Muslim area. No drink in this area.” He continues: “What this is, is a Muslim Patrol. We are Muslims and we patrol the area. Forbidden … evil. Alcohol is evil. No alcohol. Yes? Have a good day.”

ISIS to Paris: More attacks are coming

A new video believed to have come from ISIS shows the beheading and shooting executions of seven individuals, all the while calling for more attacks on Paris and the United Kingdom.
Heavy reported the video, titled “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” was released by Al-Hayat Media, owned by ISIS, and features the eight attackers who waged assaults on Paris on November 13, leaving 130 dead.

Schoolbook teaches non-Muslims ‘should be killed’

It was a year ago that an expert on Islamic terror warned the radical jihadist ideology was metastasizing worldwide.
In Asia, it has been taught in Islamic boarding schools, which often are run by radicals.
But now the teaching that non-Muslims should be destroyed is being found in curriculum in Indonesia’s public schools, according to a worldwide ministry to persecuted Christians.



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