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Sweden ‘buckling under Muslim immigration’

From WND
27 March 2016

‘No-go zones’ multiplying as critics charge multiculturalism fails


 The Swedish Institute is a taxpayer-funded public agency designed to “promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally,” and as part of its public relations effort, it gives a different Swede control of its Twitter account, @sweden, every week.

This week, the global image of Sweden is Lebanese immigrant Elias Kreidy, who is spending his time taunting the country’s residents about how Third World immigrants are taking over the country.

“I’m the immigrant who stole your job” and “I’m the immigrant who stole your education” are two of a few non-vulgar tweets suitable to publish. Kreidy also has made sexual taunts against native Swedes and called the country’s residents “racists” who don’t really belong in Sweden anyway.

All in all, it’s just another day in Sweden, where multiculturalism is pushing the once famously liberal Nordic society to the breaking point.
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