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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 43

ISIS-PBS-screenshotArrested German jihadist: Islamic blitzkrieg coming

17 December 2015
A detained German terrorist told authorities that Chancellor Angela Merkel can expect an Islamic blitzkrieg from returning fighters.

Muslims mobilize to build mosques, schools in suburbs

10 October 2015
In the past two years, new mosques have been approved in St. Anthony and Rosemount. The Qur’an school opened in Blaine. And in Columbia Heights, community members recently mobilized to protest comments allegedly made by a school board member.

How Islam in America Became a Privileged Religion

2 June 2015
Islam is a religion when mandating that employers accommodate the hijab, but when it comes time to bring it into the schools, places that are legally hostile to religion, American students are taught about Islam, visit mosques and even wear burkas and recite Islamic prayers to learn about another culture. Criticism of Islam is denounced as racist even though the one thing that Islam clearly isn’t is a race.
Islamist organizations have figured out how lock in every advantage of race, religion and culture, while expeditiously shifting from one to the other to avoid any of the disadvantages.
The biggest form of Muslim privilege has been to racialize Islam. The racialization of Islam has locked in all the advantages of racial status for a group that has no common race, only a common ideology.

Michigan: Muslims force news anchor to apologize for stating the obvious (video)

11 May 2015
Muslim groups in Michigan are irate after a Detroit news anchor suggested there could be a connection between alleged Islamic State threats and the state’s large Arab population.
Following an on-air report about unconfirmed threats against U.S. targets on Wednesday, WDIV-TV anchor Carmen Harlan brought attention to Michigan’s large Muslim population.
“Given the fact that we have the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, I guess this should not come as a real surprise,” the anchor said.

Cargill: Tried to resolve issues before firing Colorado Muslim workers

31 December 2015
Cargill Meat Solutions said Thursday it tried to resolve a workplace prayer dispute with Somali workers at its Fort Morgan meatpacking plant that led to the firing of about 190 employees.
The workers who lost their jobs were mostly immigrants from Somalia, and their termination came after they failed to report to work for three consecutive days last week to protest what they say were changes in times allowed for Muslim prayer.
Cargill says, however, it makes every “reasonable attempt” to provide religious accommodation for all of its employees at the Fort Morgan plant without interrupting operations.

Georgia: Muslims want mosque in retail shopping mall, residents outraged

21 November 2014
Before a packed meeting Monday evening, the Kennesaw City Council tabled a vote on a proposal that would allow an Islamic worship center to open in the middle of a shopping center, Kennesaw Commons, on Jiles Road near U.S. 41.

News of Wichita State chapel renovation to help Muslims sparks backlash

6 October 2015
Muslims at Wichita State University wanted a better place to pray. In May, workers renovated the campus chapel and removed the tiny altar and pews.
WSU administrators thought the change had resolved the problem by giving Muslim students a place to kneel on the floor and pray. Christian students could use portable chairs.

Utah school apologizes for homework assignment to make propaganda poster for terrorist group

19 November 2015
Students in ninth grade at Salem Junior High School were given a homework assignment where they were told to draw a propaganda poster for a terrorist organization.
After parents complained, the assignment was canceled. However, many students had already completed it, leaving some parents concerned about what they had been exposed to in the process.

Inmates, industry decry feds pulling pork from menus

6 October 2015
The Federal Bureau of Prisons is going whole hog in cutting pork from its menu.

Migrant-chaos-667586Britain faces migrant CHAOS: New ‘summer of discontent’ as thousands plot to storm border

6 May 2016
THOUSANDS of migrants desperate to reach the UK will bring chaos to Channel ports again this summer, holidaymakers were warned last night.
“The economic importance of the port of Calais must not be overlooked. Disruption caused by demonstrations and thousands of migrants camped out near the port cannot be allowed to happen again.
“The FTA envisages another summer of unrest in the Calais area and is planning to support the freight and logistics industry should there be a repeat performance of scenes we saw last year in and around the port.”
Hauliers say armed gangs have turned the French town into the “Wild West”, giving chilling accounts of how migrants wielding scaffolding poles pelt trucks with bricks as they try to sneak into Britain as stowaways.

Muslim hate preachers SHOULD be given right to free speech, terror apologists demand

14 May 2015
A GROUP of terror apologists have defended the right of hate preachers to radicalise young British Muslims with their sermons, the day after the Government revealed plans to crackdown on extremism.

Man bites cop while shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar’

8 December 2015
A German cop is recovering from wounds after an Islamic migrant screamed, “Allahu Akbar!” before chomping his arm and breaking a rib.
It took three officers armed with pepper spray to subdue a Moroccan “asylum seeker” on Sunday. A request for tickets at an Osnabrück train station sent him into a “rampaging” attack.

Islamic man pummels Christians on Christmas

4 January 2016
Four Christian men were ambushed in Germany on Christmas Day by a man who proclaimed, “I am a Muslim, what are you?” He was joined by four other accomplices before they escaped.
A “Balkan Party” outside Berlin’s Adagio club ended in violence Dec. 26 when Orthodox Christians from Serbia and Montenegro were pummeled for their faith.

Report: ISIS kids told to play ‘soccer’ with human heads

8 March 2016
A London-based think tank’s new report details the depths of depravity Islamic terrorists will sink to brainwash children: Decapitated heads are given out to be kicked like soccer balls.

‘Allahu Akbar!’: Migrants storm through border fence

29 February 2016
Muslim migrants along Macedonia’s border shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as they used an improvised battering ram to force their way into the country from Greece.

Islam-UKIslamic rage erupts over Christian march

25 January 2016
A mob of Muslim men swarmed a group of Christian activists on British streets and said they were “taking over” the country.
Members of the political party Britain First held what it claims is the first “Christian patrol” through the streets of Bury Park, Luton. A video posted to YouTube on Saturday shows a swarm of Muslim men converge on the group of 20 cross-carrying Christians.
“You’re jealous that we’re taking over,” a shop owner says at the start of the video. (Scroll down to watch the video)
“We f–king hate you!” and “Muslims will take over! Watch!” two others scream as cops descend on the scene.

ShootersGellersiteCalifornia: ‘100 shots’ by men chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’

29 March 2016
Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies responded to a report of “Allahu Akbar” chanting, turban-wearing men shooting assault rifles, handguns and shotguns in a remote desert area, officials have confirmed.
The incident took place Sunday in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area of Apple Valley, according to Victor Valley News.
The area is just north of the city of San Bernardino, where in December two Muslims attacked a Christmas party, killing 14 and injuring another 22. The two terrorists later died in a shootout with police.

Sweden ‘buckling under Muslim immigration’

27 March 2016
The Swedish Institute is a taxpayer-funded public agency designed to “promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally,” and as part of its public relations effort, it gives a different Swede control of its Twitter account, @sweden, every week.
This week, the global image of Sweden is Lebanese immigrant Elias Kreidy, who is spending his time taunting the country’s residents about how Third World immigrants are taking over the country.

Schlafly: Rape jihad shows ‘Germany is no longer German’

7 January 2016
Globalists who demand that the West accept a wave of Muslim refugees have obliterated the face of Germany and are threatening to do the same to America, warns conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly.

FBI eyes ‘lone-wolf’ terror attack in Ohio

12 February 2016
A Muslim immigrant from Africa unleashed a bloody machete attack on patrons at a restaurant owned by a Christian Arab Israeli in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday night and the FBI is now investigating it as a possible act of “lone-wolf” terrorism.

blasphemous_flip-flopsHoly flip-flops! Now shoes are blasphemous

14 October 2015
Islam needs the equivalent of an Emily Post; otherwise, someone unfamiliar with all the ways a nonbeliever might give offense could lose his or her head over the most innocent violation of etiquette.
Like wearing the wrong flip-flops, for example.
Habib M. Iskandar Alkadri, a spokesman for the Islam Defenders Front, or FPI, in Indonesia is demanding the government respond immediately to the discovery that a brand of flip-flops or sandals appears to carry the name Allah on its soles.

Watch cute toddler say, ‘I want to stab a Jew’

20 October 2015
It looks like a typical cute toddler video posted online: a little girl standing in the family residence being coached by someone off-screen.
Then you notice the long carving knife she’s holding, and her voice jars.
“I want to stab a Jew,” she says.

‘Allahu Akbar!’ fills stadium at Paris terror memorial

18 November 2015
Roughly 17,000 Turkish soccer fans in Istanbul turned a moment of silence for Paris terror attack victims into a cacophony of boos and “Allahu Akbar!” chants.
A match at Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium between Turkey and Greece on Tuesday got off to an ugly start during a pre-game memorial service for the 129 victims of the Islamic State group’s Nov. 13 terror attacks.

Huge gulf in crime rates among migrant groups

13 January 2016
Migrants arriving in Germany from North Africa are disproportionately likely to commit crime, police figures show – but deporting them isn’t always straightforward.

After Class On How To Treat Women, Muslim Migrant Shows What He “Learned”

20 February 2016
Because of the massive wave of assault, robbery, and rape, leftists believe that the aggressive nature of Muslim migrants can be combatted with courses on “how to treat Western women.” However, as soon as a Muslim asylum seeker completed his recommended instruction, the migrant went to a female worker at the refugee center and demonstrated exactly how effective these liberal policies work.
An alleged “child refugee” has been arrested just weeks after completing a course on the proper treatment of non-Muslim women. The Afghani Muslim boy, believed to be 16, is being detained in youth custody, although he should deservedly be in prison for what he managed to accomplish against a volunteer at a Belgian refugee center.

burger_king_logoForsakin’ bacon: Burger King chooses Islamic food rules

15 December 2015
Burger King is going halal in France, aiming for the business of that nation’s estimated 5 million Muslims, according to a new report.

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