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Muslim Immigration Pt.44 | Videos

Muslims Establishing No-Go Zones in America • 1/14/15

Published on Jan 14, 2015
January 14th, 2015 • Muslim enclaves that are hostile to surrounding communities are springing up across America. Funded by Pakistani radicals, 22 villages in 9 states have been established that are teaching terrorist tactics to members of their compounds.


Minneapolis Muslims prefer Sharia, want blasphemy laws in US

Published on May 29, 2015
Note the unanimous opposition to the freedom of speech and support for criminalizing criticism of Islam — and even for murdering those who insult Muhammad. All freely and openly expressed on a sunny day in Minneapolis.

Poll: 25% of Muslim-Americans say jihadi violence justified

Published on Jan 14, 2016
Muslim community leaders react on ‘Hannity’

Muslim Mob chases cops from ‘No Go’ Zones in UK

Published on Jan 28, 2015
Muslim Mob chases cops from ‘No Go’ Zones in UK

‘Radical Muslims On The March’ – [COMPLETE]

Published on Jun 20, 2014
Epic Sean Hannity studio audience Special featuring Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Jamie Glazov, KT McFarland, and Todd Starnes as they address the extremely controversial issue of the affect radical Muslims are having upon the rest of the world.

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