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Snowflake Editorial Board At UC San Diego: Anything We Don’t Like ‘Tarnishes First Amendment’ Rights

From Townhall
By Matt Vespa | Posted: May 14, 2016
So, you know about the pro-Donald Trump chalkings that have been occurring all over America’s college campuses, right? They’ve turned up at the University of Kansas and Emory University, which threw the delicate snowflakes on campus into a conniption fit. Whether it was students wanting to Make America Great Again, or seeing what happens when they troll progressives on campus, is irrelevant—this is a classic exercise in free speech. And if it antagonizes liberals on campus, it’s a social good. It’s about time progressives know that there are other opinions besides this authoritarian ethos of shutting down things that they feel is hate speech or offensive. Life doesn’t work that way. At the University of California at San Diego, the school newspaper’s editorial board apparently thinks otherwise—saying that anything they find offensive “tarnishes” free speech.[emphasis mine]
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