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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 47

“Rape is Natural:” Rapefugees in Belgium

5 February 2016
“Rape is the most natural thing in the world,” and “women must obey men” were just two of the defenses offered by some of the seven nonwhite invaders recently arrested for a gang rape of an unconscious 17-year-old white girl in Ostend, the Het Laaste Nieuws (HLN) newspaper has reported.

ISIS burns hundreds of Bibles in Mosul

16 March 2016
ISIS terrorists cut a video showing the burning of hundreds of Christian Bibles and literature in Mosul, a propaganda and political stunt one analyst said shows how very serious the group is about eradicating all faiths outside of the Islamist sect.

San Diego: Taxpayers now funding Muslim’s halal school lunches

26 May 2015
A San Diego school added “halal” food to its weekly menu after receiving complaints from Muslim parents who found their children to be going hungry.
The moves comes as part of a pilot programme that aims to serve minority students, which make up majority of the student body at Crawford High School.
Under an Obama administration program, schools qualify for universal free lunches if over 40 per cent of the families of the students qualify for some other federal assistance.

New York: ISIS-loving cabbie shouldn’t lose license for bomb threat, judge says

3 May 2016
A taxi driver accused of telling a passenger he had a bomb in his car, was thinking of joining ISIS and could have “done a better job” than the Paris terrorists, should be suspended for six months and fined $1,150, an administrative law judge has recommended.
Judge Kevin Casey refused to yank the license of cabbie Hisham Ahmed, as the Taxi & Limousine Commission had requested, after police said he posed “no threat” and after determining his volatile remarks were “out of character” in a 20-year career.

Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up

3 June 2015
There are some decisions so stupid that a person who lacked restraint might howl. One such case arose last week in the Britain.
For years, the issue of the “grooming” of young girls by Muslim men, mainly of Pakistani origin, has been a subterranean issue in Britain. Reports of such trends have circulated for most of the last fifteen years. They have been treated not just with fear but with dread.

Oklahoma City Thunder Go Sharia with Islamic Halal Diet

3 May 2016
Enes Kanter has started a halal food craze that has absorbed the Thunder’s locker room after road games—and stocked it with lamb platters and chicken kebabs.

Brooklyn: Muslim who refused to ring up pork suing Costco

6 March 2015
A man is suing Costco for religious discrimination.
He tells Eyewitness News exclusively that when he refused to work with pork, the major retailer sent him outside to gather carts.
“Just because you have a different belief, that doesn’t give anybody the right to treat you different,” said Jean Camara, suing Costco.

Philly: After losing free speech case, transit authority will end political ads to protect Muslims

30 March 2015
Sharia law prohibits criticism of Mohammed or Islam, and to a shocking degree American governmental entities do their best to comply. SEPTA tells the Inquirer that it worries about vandalism, which is capitulating to bullies, or, as it is called in court, the “heckler’s veto.” Bullying is part and parcel of the way Islam deals with its critics, and because establishing the global caliphate is the aim, many Muslims will not rest until they succeed in stifling all criticism, regardless of First Amendment guarantees in this country.

Australia: Laws against incitement to violence apply to everyone… except Muslims

30 August 2015
Once again, when it comes to radical Islam, Australia turns the other cheek.
What’s the point of having laws against hate speech when a well-known extremist is caught red-handed breaking such laws and the crime goes unpunished?
Despite a clear-cut case, even with video evidence and no denials, Hizbut Tahrir hate preacher Ismail al-Wahwah will get away with openly calling for violent jihad on the streets on Australia.

Arizona: Terror-linked CAIR drops client after finding out he/she is transgender

22 October 2015
Local Muslim woman Sumayyah Dawud says a civil rights organization defending her in a religious-discrimination case against the Phoenix Police Department dropped her as a client after learning she’s transgender.
The Council on American and Islamic Relations, the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the country, offered to represent Dawud after she said a Phoenix police officer who arrested her had, despite her protests, removed the head and face coverings she wears for religious reasons.

Illinois: Jury awards $240K to Somali Muslim truck drivers who refused to do their job

26 October 2015
Illinois: Two Somalian-American Muslims were awarded $240,000 by a federal jury in Peoria, Illinois after a judge found the company violated their religious beliefs.
The former truck drivers Mahad Abass Mohamed (formerly known as Mahad Aden) and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale (formerly known as Abdikarim Ismail) used to work at Morton-based trucking company had refused to deliver alcohol for Star Transport Inc., saying it was against their religious belief as practicing Muslims. As such, they were fired.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought suit on their behalf, and sued it for religious discrimination.

Minnesota: Township sued for rejecting Muslims-only cemetery

2 November 2015
Dakota Gardens was supposed to be a cemetery exclusively for Muslims, serving the needs of the local religious community for the next 200 years.
Planned for rural southern Dakota County, the cemetery called for about two burials each week on 70 acres of land in Castle Rock Township — a farming community with a population of 1,500 located southeast of Lakeville and Farmington.

Nebraska meat plant sued for Muslim prayer time

31 August 2010
Somali Muslim workers at a meatpacking plant in Grand Island were denied prayer time and faced harassment and even termination for asking to pray, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
The lawsuit filed on behalf on more than 80 Somali Muslims says JBS Swift & Co. has failed to make reasonable religious accommodations, violating the workers’ civil rights, since at least December 2007.

ACLU Labels Defending the U.S. Against Terrorists as ‘Discrimination’

6 March 2009
The ACLU has attacked an information-sharing center in Dallas for “discrimination” against Muslims for reporting facts about associations between Muslim terrorists abroad, and Muslim groups in the United States. If it prevailed, the ACLU position would cripple the effectiveness of these 58 Homeland Security centers around the country.
The facts for this article, but not its legal conclusions, come from an article in the Dallas Morning News on February 26, 2009. The ACLU was objecting to the contents of a memo, leaked from inside a “Fusion Center.”

Four Out Of Five Criminals In European Capital Are Foreigners

26 April 2016
Danish police are being stretched by a migrant crime wave in capital Copenhagen as foreign outlaws “flock” to the city in ever greater numbers.

11 Arrested Over Bluewater ‘Gang Sex Attack’

20 April 2016
Police have arrested 11 people after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a gang in a Bluewater shopping centre car park.

BRIGHTON TERROR PLOT: Teen ISIS jihadis ‘planned’ gun and knife attack on seaside town

5 April 2016
A GANG of nearly 30 young people from seaside town Brighton have been unmasked as budding jihadis who were feared to be plotting a terrorist attack.

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