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ObamaCare’s Spending Problem

From American Thinker
May 17, 2016 | By Larry Alton


It comes as no surprise that spending under ObamaCare has quickly accelerated out of control, with sky high premiums resulting from the lengthy list of procedures insurance companies are now required to cover. Further forcing costs up are system expansions, such as California has seen. Medi-Cal, insurance for low-income California residents, now covers a third of the state.

ObamaCare was billed as a way to make health insurance affordable, but it fails to acknowledge how this coverage expansion drains the wealthy and harms insurance companies, forcing them out of the insurance marketplace or to raise their premiums.

Since those with a pre-existing disability already qualified for programs like Medi-Cal and most gainfully employed individuals had coverage through work or could afford independent coverage, those who benefit most from the new programs are those seeking non-necessary care that companies are forced to cover.
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