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Security guard busted for booting man from ladies’ room

From WND
19 May 2016

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A female security guard has been arrested and is being accused of a so-called “hate crime” after she physically escorted a man out of a women’s restroom in a Washington, D.C., grocery store.

Ebony-Belcher-Screenshot“Ebony Belcher” (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

The young black man, identified as Ebony Belcher, refused to leave the Giant grocery store because he said he identifies as a woman, the Daily Caller reported.

When she saw Belcher enter the ladies’ room, the security guard ordered him to leave. He refused, and she physically escorted him out.

After Belcher was removed, he called police to have the security guard arrested, according to the report.

D.C. police told NBC-4 that the security guard was arrested and charged with assault. They told the Daily Caller they’re treating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

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Belcher claimed the security guard told him, “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

He claimed he was emotionally traumatized by the security guard’s actions.

“[T]he woman had no reason to put her hands on me,” Belcher told WJLA-TV 7. “I’m hurt by this. It’s terrible. … I’m distraught. People should not be discriminated [against] based on their gender identity.”

But a female shopper was thankful for the security guard’s efforts to safeguard the privacy of women in the restroom.
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