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#BlackLivesMatter | Man calls out ‘Black Lives Matter’; Black grandmother attacks ‘Black Lives Matter’, Obama has fostered a ‘lawless society’; and more

Man Calls Out Black Lives Matter For Not Helping La. Flood Victims

Jerry L. Washington, a Baton Rouge native, posted a video to Facebook, asking why activists haven’t done anything to help the majority African-American city.
“Where are the Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers?” Washington says in the video. “Because I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people from our own city saving us.”

The Problems I Have With The Black Lives Matter Movement

Race riots erupted in the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend. 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a police officer. Smith had an illegally obtained pistol in his possession and refused to put it down when the officer ordered him to. Smith had a history of past arrests, according to Milwaukee Police Capt. Mark Stanmeyer.
Several people responded by rioting in the streets. A lot of destruction took place and several businesses were burned down. Some of the rioters were part of the Black Lives Matter movement, as evident by photographs of rioters wearing their shirts. The rioters were also chanting “black power” and beating up any white person in sight.


Black grandmother attacks ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement

A black grandmother who grew up in the Ferguson, Missouri, came out swinging against the Black Lives Matter movement in an emotionally charged video in which she condemned the activists as little more than “thugs” who ought to point the fingers of blame at themselves, not police.
“Who do you think they’re protesting for – the thugs, the criminals? Because they’re howling police brutality,” said Peggy Hubbard, who now lives in Illinois, in a video posted to her Facebook page that’s received at least seven million views.
“Are you kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality. You black people, my black people, you’re the [expletive] most violent [expletive] I have ever seen in my life.”


Black Pastors Leader: Obama Has ‘Fostered a Lawless Society’

The leader of a coalition of black pastors says the political rhetoric of President Barack Obama and his administration has caused division in America and has “fostered a lawless society.”
Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) tells Breitbart News the ambush attack of police officers in Baton Rouge “should not happen in America.”
“Obama and his administration have caused division in our nation and have fostered a lawless society,” he asserts.
“The divide that we are witnessing didn’t just start,” he explains. “We have a president who has divided us as a nation with his political rhetoric. In America, gays are divided against straight people, rich against poor, women against men, blacks against whites, black lives matter against police – which our president promotes.”


Newly-Leaked Democratic Memo Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Radical,’ Tells Staff Not To Offer Support

A newly-leaked memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee offers new insights into how leading Democrats view and discuss Black Lives Matter when no cameras are rolling and the microphones are turned off.
“Do not say ‘all lives matter’ nor mention ‘black on black crime,’” reads a section titled “Message.” The memo notes that “This response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists.”


Why I can’t support Black lives matter


Former Black Panther Says Black Lives Matter And Obama Is Bullshit

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