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#BlackLivesMatter | Colin Kaepernick and Chris Brown

49ers Colin Kaepernick Idiotically Protests National Anthem… Because Black Lives Matter?
Colin Kaepernick stirred the pot recently. In case you’re unfamiliar, most know him for being the 49ers’ sub-par quarterback. When he’s not tossing the ball directly to the opposing team’s defensive backs, he busies himself with making political statements. Apparently he took a page out of the WNBA’s book – this time not just athletically – and has been using his games as a platform for protest. He recently decided to stand for black people by… sitting down during the national anthem?
Couple of things here. Kaep seems to be a little confused on the “civil rights” protest schtick. Merely “sitting down” does not a valid point make. I know, I know it’s confusing. See, Rosa Parks isn’t revered merely for “sitting down” but for actually advancing the cause of black rights in America. You’re just a dumbass. Get it now?
POWERFUL: NFL Star Ray Lewis Puts #BlackLivesMatter on Notice
Things got emotional in a recent video Ray Lewis posted to Facebook. He’s not been impressed with the likes of BlackLivesMatter. Can’t say we blame him. So the former Ravens linebacker set to vent his frustration… Particularly with the constant self-victimization that BLM embraces. He cites rising numbers in black on black crime and chastises self-professed activists for ignoring the main cause of black deaths. Overall? He hits the nail on the head. And does so with passion.
NFL Legend Jim Brown DESTROYS #BlackLivesMatter
There’s a push on social media by slacktivists to get NBA and NFL stars to boycott sports games over #BlackLivesMatter court decisions. NFL Legend, and powerful voice in the actual civil rights movement, Jim Brown was asked for his thoughts.

Message from a non-oppressed black man to Colin Kaepernick…
Mr. Kaepernick, a biracial young man adopted and raised by white parents, claims America is oppressing blacks at a time when we have a black, biracial president who was twice elected. We’ve had two black attorneys general and currently have a black secretary of homeland security, along with a black national security advisor. Here in Dallas our police chief, whom I know, is an outstanding black leader. The officer in Milwaukee who shot the armed assailant after issuing an order to drop his weapon was black. Is Mr. Kaepernick following suit and cherry-picking what he terms “oppression?”
Police Officer Who Shot 19-Year-Old Black Man Pens Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick
Amos, a retired Norfolk police officer, once shot and killed a 19-year-old black man. He received $3,000 per month while he was on leave. Kaepernick addressed such situations in a recent interview, saying: “The cops are getting paid leave for killing people. That’s not right.”
On August 29, Amos posted an open letter to Kaepernick on Facebook and argued they have more in common than the NFL star might think.
It’s recommended you read Amos’ open letter in its entirety
Hookstead’s Hot Take: America Stood Up For Colin Kaepernick, He Should Stand For The Flag
Kaepernick, who has fallen hard and fast from his days as an elite quarterback, refused to stand for the national anthem against the Green Bay Packers. He was clearly motivated by some sense of a misguided understanding of oppression.
Kaepernick Thinks He Has a Leg to Stand On But Others Do Not
In the latest race relations’ protest to gain national attention, San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand as the national anthem is played at games.
‘You should never play in the NFL again. Move to Canada’: 49ers fans burn Kaepernick jerseys to the national anthem after the $114million sport star refused to stand ‘to protest black oppression’
Furious San Francisco 49ers fans are burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys after he refused to stand for the national anthem as part of a racial protest.
Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother says he is bringing shame to his country by refusing to stand for the anthem while Iraq amputee vet joins the attacks on the football star
The biological mother of San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick is publicly bashing her son over his refusal to stand during the national anthem.
Heidi Russo tweeted at her son over the weekend: ‘There’s ways to make change w/o disrespecting & bringing shame to the very country & family who afforded you so many blessings.’
At the same time, a United States Airman who suffered horrific injuries and nearly died after coming under rocket attack while deployed in Iraq has also lashed out at Kaepernick, 28, over his refusal to stand for the national anthem.
Dear Colin Kaepernick: You’re Not Oppressed. You’re Spoiled.
Dear Colin Kaepernick,
I heard about your recent “protest“ before the 49ers preseason game on Friday.
While everyone else in the stadium stood solemnly and respectfully for the national anthem, you sat and twiddled your thumbs. At first I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I figured you were warming the bench just out of force of habit. Then I thought you were perhaps resting so that you’d have the strength and stamina to run and fetch the water bottles for the starters during timeouts.
Alas, your intentions weren’t nearly so practical or selfless. You were making a statement, it turns out. Most athletes who’ve signed $100 million deals try to make their statements on the field, but, appropriately, you decided to make yours on the sidelines.
Santa Clara cops say they won’t staff 49ers games if Colin Kaepernick continues his protest as he insists he’s not anti-American and will donate $1million to charity
Members of the Santa Clara Police Officer’s Association have threatened to stop staffing 49ers games if Colin Kaepernick continues his national anthem protest.
Officers say they are offended at Kaepernick’s comments about police brutality and that if the organization does not stop him ‘it could result in police officers choosing not to work at your facilities.’
‘Get off your high horse and humble yourself’: Ex-wife of Muhammad Ali says San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should APOLOGIZE for his protest
‘What he’s doing right now is not heroic,’ she told TMZ.
Two NFL players join Kaepernick’s national anthem protest: Crowd boos 49ers quarterback after he kneels alongside team mate and Seahawks player in demonstration against ‘inequality’ in the US
The quarterback cited numerous reasons for his actions, ranging from racial injustice and minority oppression to police brutality and the treatment of military veterans.
As Dolphins Players Kneel for Anthem, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Do Something Very Different
As four Miami Dolphins players kneeled in protest during the national anthem on Sunday, quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks held a much different demonstration.
Across the field from the kneeling players, the Seahawks locked arms in a “demonstration of unity.” The players were praised for making a bold statement while also respecting the U.S. flag and the national anthem.
Compare the two strikingly different scenes:


Broncos Player Who Kneeled for National Anthem Dropped by Sponsor — Read CEO’s Message
The Air Academy Federal Credit Union, which serves mainly members of the military and their families, quickly dropped Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall as its spokesperson after he kneeled in protest during the national anthem.
Glenn Strobe, CEO of the credit union, said in a statement released on Friday that the company respects Marshall’s “right of expression,” but “his actions are not a representation of our organization and membership.”
Here’s Why Fat Joe Is Against Colin Kaepernick’s Protest
While President Obama is in support of Kaepernick for exercising his First Amendment right by choosing to sit out of participating in the tradition of singing the national anthem before games, others, such as Shaq and the Santa Clara police department, are speaking out against the controversial protest.
The latest rapper to express their thoughts on the matter is Fat Joe, who said, before voicing his opinion, that he’s been thinking about it for awhile.
‘NFL players who boycott national anthem on 9/11 should stay in their locker rooms’: Actor Rob Lowe weighs into Kaepernick protest row and calls on athlete’s to ‘respect the fallen’
With a number of National Football League players making gestures of protest against racial discrimination and police violence against African Americans, conservative actor Rob Lowe came out against the timing of their displays of solidarity.
The Lead Singer Of ‘Kiss’ Just Eviscerated Colin Kaepernick On Stage
Paul Stanley made several pointed jobs at Colin Kaepernick during a concert in Massachusetts over the weekend.
YES! Colin Kaepernick gets what he DESERVES…
Yes, Colin Kaepernick’s 15 minutes are well beyond up. We’re all tired of hearing this privileged, multi-millionaire “one-percenter” whine about racial injustice and police brutality. To be honest, we even hate to give him any more oxygen on this page.
However, y’all might be interested to hear that Colin Kaepernick is about to learn his actions do have consequences.
Colin Kaepernick’s Stunt Exploits Black People’s Pain
Kaepernick is a biracial NFL quarterback worth an estimated $22 million, yet he feels America has oppressed him. He’s sent out a statement preemptively bracing for the “backlash” to his heroic gesture. We should all be so oppressed.
Kaepernick is just the latest in a string of black multi-millionaires who have decided that the same America that has made them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams is now oppressing them and other blacks. Beyoncé Knowles, Jay Z, Russell Simmons, all those who tout the mantra of “Black Lives Matter” when it’s economically or publicly convenient for them may need to rethink their tactics. Their behavior has the exact opposite of its intended effect nearly every time.
Instead of talking about the real problems in the black community we end up talking about the celebrities’ upcoming contracts or projects. So maybe the plan works out perfectly for that black celebrity, just not for the blacks living below poverty level buying their music, jerseys, and swag.
Athletes respond on Twitter to Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for national anthem
There were a divided set of opinions — some defended his right to free speech, while others completely disagreed.

YouTube Video: Colin Kaepernick Not a Fan of the Flag


Shaq on Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest: ‘I Would Never Do That’

“To each his own,” Shaq said, adding, “It’s something I wouldn’t do.”
He explained that his father was a military man and he has uncles who are in law enforcement, so sitting during the National Anthem is something he would “never” do.
Shaq said that his question for Kaepernick is: “What happened last year?”
“How come you didn’t decide to do this last year or the year before that or the year before that?”

YouTube Video: Colin Kapernick: Grunt At Gnat Swallow Camel


YouTube Video: Colin Kaepernick Takes A Seat for Oppression

And elsewhere…..
Chris Brown Sits During National Anthem at 9/11 Charity Game
Embattled singer Chris Brown chose to sit during the singing of the nation anthem on Sunday, September 11, at the 5th Annual Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game in Los Angeles.
Brown became the latest entertainer to lend support to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of racial injustice and police brutality.
Before he sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” R&B star Tank delivered an impassioned speech urging the crowd to stand in respect for the men and women who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
“I understand everybody’s exercising their right to stand or to sit, and exercising their right to freedom and justice,” Tank said. “But in the wake of 9/11, please understand and respect the fact that real men and women and children lost their lives for this very thing that we’re able to stand for today.”
Police step in and stop Chris Brown from getting into a fight at charity basketball game after the singer sat down and laughed through the national anthem on 9/11 anniversary
jamilah-nasheedMissouri state senator sits during the Pledge of Allegiance in an echo of Kaepernick’s anthem protest
A Missouri state senator has echoed a protest by football player Colin Kaepernick and refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.
Enough about Kapernick. Let’s end this post with some positive stories…
A touching picture of reconciliation: The extraordinary moment Rodney King’s daughter stands shoulder to shoulder with LAPD cops in an effort to ‘build bridges’ with the police
Rodney King’s daughter was just seven when her father was beaten bloody by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, sparking race riots that left 55 people dead.
But now in an extraordinary moment of reconciliation, 32-year-old Lora King joined a dozen LAPD cops on Thursday, hugging many of them, in an effort to ‘build bridges’ with the police.
Patriotism: Out of the Mouth of Babes
Star Trek fans may remember an episode of the television show in which viewers learn that two human-looking alien life-forms—one a child, the other an adult—have reverse roles. On the planet in question, it is the child with the wisdom of age and the adult with naive innocence.
At the drop of the hat, we see the media playing up stories depicting various societal ills of an America in turmoil. We read about citizens criticizing police, making allegations of racial prejudice and taking revenge upon innocent victims, or we see well-paid professional athletes naively refusing to stand for the national anthem of a country which, while imperfect, has done so much for so many in the war for equality.
But sometimes buried away in the news are stories that should be giving us hope and cause us to reflect upon the fact perhaps we, as adults, need to be listening—as did the alien life-forms in that Star Trek episode did—to the children.
flint-highschool-studentsMichigan High School Football Team Shows What It Thinks Of National Anthem
When a Michigan high school football team learned that the national anthem would not be played before its Wednesday game, the players took up the challenge.
They sang it themselves.
Poll: Do You Support These Patriotic Students? http://rightalertspolls.com/poll-do-you-support-these-patriotic-students/
Photos: Students salute military personnel with patriotic program
Isabel Chavez waves the American flag and smiles during Heartland Elementary School’s third-grade Memorial Day program, “Freedom Is Not Free,” in West Jordan on Thursday. The program paid tribute to the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces.


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