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Pitbull rescues woman; Colts player hugs autistic superfan; Boy collects sneakers for needy classmates; and more ‘feel good’ stories


The adorable moment a Colts player hugs an autistic young fan on the sidelines and tells him ‘I love you’

This adorable footage shows the heartwarming moment an NFL player exchanged ‘I love yous’ with an autistic boy.
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver TY Hilton shared the tender embrace with ecstatic seven-year-old superfan Ryder Dodson.


‘This is one day I didn’t have to worry if my sweet boy ate alone’: Touching moment Florida State University football player eats lunch with an autistic sixth grader

For one day, a mother said she did not have to worry about her son eating lunch by himself after he was joined by Florida State University wide receiver Travis Rudolph.
A sweet photo capturing Rudolph and autistic sixth-grader Bo Paske having lunch on Tuesday at Tallahassee’s Montford Middle School has since circulated on social media.
The 20-year-old was among five football players visiting the school to meet with students when he saw Bo by himself at a table in the lunch room, and asked if he could sit with him.


Kind-hearted boy, 5, buys Subway sandwiches worth $250 for entire police department in New Jersey town after saving his allowance for seven months

A 5-year-old boy in New Jersey has picked up the lunch tab for his police department.
William Evertz Jr. saved up his allowance for seven months and went to a Subway restaurant on Wednesday to get sandwiches for officers in Winslow Township, a suburb of Philadelphia.


New York boy, 13, organizes neighborhood shoe drive, collecting 100 pairs of sneakers for needy classmates

The shame and humiliation of poverty was too much to take for a wise-beyond-his-years 13-year-old boy from Rochester, New York.
Zaire Downs was not willing to sit idly by and watch as his classmates walked into school with decaying shoes.
Instead, he launched a neighborhood drive this past Saturday that yielded 100 pairs of assorted kids-sized sneakers

After Bullies Throw Hearing-Impaired Student’s Belongings in a Toilet, Check Out How Classmates Respond

School officials are investigating after a hearing-impaired student’s belongings were recently damaged by bullies who threw them into a toilet, according to KETV-TV.
According to KETV, teachers at Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska, helped Hernandez replace his notebooks, and classmates created a GoFundMe page to help him replace his damaged items. They surpassed their fundraising goal — $800 — in three days

Terrifying moment school bus bursts into flames – before quick-thinking driver rescues all 20 elementary schoolchildren inside

A school bus caught fire in Maryland – but all 20 children inside escaped unharmed thanks to the brave driver.


These lawn guys cut lawns only for those who can’t

Rodney Smith Jr. grew up on the island of Bermuda, watching his dad help people by building houses. Today, Rodney is about to graduate from college and says he thinks some of his dad’s giving spirit may have rubbed off on him.
Rodney is one half of a lawn care service in Huntsville, Ala., called Raising Men Lawn Care Service.
This lawn service is extraordinary in many ways, none of which has to do with the quality of their lawn care. (But by the looks of things, they’re doing a great job!)
Their lawn service focuses on people who need the most help. Last fall, Rodney saw an elderly man struggling to cut his grass. “I thought I needed to do something about it,” remembers Rodney. “That’s when I decided to cut lawns for the elderly, disabled and single mothers for free.”

14-year-old Overbrook boy helps elderly woman who was cutting her lawn with scissors

When 14 year old Noble Brigham mows his front lawn, he usually does it without a Fox 29 camera trailing him.
But today, we wanted to watch, since we missed him on Monday, when he mowed another lawn.

Brothers mow elderly woman’s lawn to keep her from jail

A group of brothers decided to help an elderly Texas woman who had a warrant out for her arrest because her grass was considered too high, KWTX-TV reports. The warrant was issued when the woman failed to appear in court.

Community steps up to help elderly woman with overgrown lawn

The community has stepped up to help a woman whose overgrown yard had become an eyesore. A local lawn service was at her home bright and early on Thursday morning to help bring her under compliance.
6 On Your Side first reported on Joyce Albright’s yard on Wednesday. Her lawn had not been tended to in months due to a broken mower. Albright received a code violation notice from the city, so she broke out a pocket knife to slowly start cutting away at the problem.


Michigan High School Football Team Shows What It Thinks Of National Anthem

When a Michigan high school football team learned that the national anthem would not be played before its Wednesday game, the players took up the challenge.
They sang it themselves.
The Lapeer Lightning freshman team was playing a game against Carman-Ainsworth High School in Flint Township, Mich. Lapeer was told there would be no anthem played before the game.

‘Proud Mommy Alert’: 5-Year-Old Boy Running Late for School Stops to Pray, Recite ‘Pledge of Allegiance’

One little boy was running late for Kindergarten last week, but before he walked in the building, he suddenly stopped, dropped his head and began reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” followed by a prayer.
At first, the Texas mother was unsure what her 5-year-old son was doing, but once she found out, she quickly snapped a photo, posted it to Facebook, and now it’s going viral.


America’s favorite mom: Furious mother smacks rioting son upside the head

A Baltimore mother is being hailed for doing her part to quell the violence after a video of her smacking her son upside the head when she spotted him rioting and throwing rocks at police emerged on Monday.
The unidentified mom recognized her son even though he was wearing a black ski mask that covered much of his face.
She spotted him on TV throwing rocks and went after him like a heat-seeking missile.


People Refuse To Leave Deadly Louisiana Floods To Save Helpless Animals From Drowning

Since last week, devastating floods in Louisiana have taken the lives of at least 7 people and 20,000 have been rescued but some brave locals are still refusing to leave the area to save helpless animals from drowning.
Last Friday, Louisiana’s Denham Springs Animal Shelter was so flooded that only its roof was visible. “The dedicated staff and volunteers fought to save as many animals as possible from the flood waters, eventually having to unlatch the kennel doors and let the dogs swim out and climb onto the roof,” the rescue wrote on GoFundMe. The animals were then transported with boats to safety and neighbors who didn’t evacuate have been helping the local organizations to provide temporary care for the animals. Many other animals were saved too, for example, a man was seen pulling a boat full of sheep to safety. “It’s Noah’s ark Cajun-style,” Christie Noel commented on Facebook. As of Sunday, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has also rescued a total of 2,324 people and 464 animals. Though the rains have eased this Monday, forecasters warn that the threat is far from over.


Hero Burrito Helps Police Officers Save Trapped Kitten

Two police officers and a burrito are receiving praise for their brave rescue of a kitten stuck in a drainage pipe.
Officers Jimenez and Corona of the Parlier Police Department in California used a piece of “partially eaten” burrito to lure the hungry animal from the pipes, the department said on Facebook.


Hero Stray Pit Bull That Was Slashed While Stopping Stab Attack Gets a Forever Home

A Georgia stray pit bull that made headlines after rescuing a woman from being stabbed and nearly dying in the process has found a forever home.

Fe-line alive! CCTV shows moment stranded kitten is nearly run over THIRTEEN times before motorist rescues it from highway
It is said a cat has nine lives.
And this is the astonishing moment a lucky kitten uses all of them up, and then some, before being rescued by a heroic passer-by.
Scary footage from the middle of a Russian highway shows the fortunate feline avoid being run over 13 times.

Stray puppy named Grace rescued after being hit through the neck with an arrow

Police in North Carolina are searching for the person responsible for a cruel attack against a stray puppy.
A puppy was found on a rural stretch of road in Madison County on Wednesday, with an arrow piercing through it’s neck.
Madison County Animal Control rescued the puppy and then rushed her to Appalachian Animal Hospital where she immediately went into surgery to extract the arrow.
Luckily, the arrow missed all of her vital organs. The surgery was a success and the five- or six-month-old puppy is now expected to make a full recovery.
Her rescuers have named her Grace, because of her good luck.


In other news: The Kardashians have posted more selfies on the internet, another actress wears a revealing dress, another Hollywood couple splits, Hillary Clinton is still corrupt, and Kim Jong Un is still the only fat kid in North Korea.



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