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Killer Clowns, Twerking, Cultural Appropriation, and more

Changing Your Child’s Diaper Is A Sex Crime In Arizona
Changing a child’s diaper seems more like a punishment than a crime. In the state of Arizona, it’s both.
School allows partially clothed boy to ‘twerk’ in girls locker room
A Minnesota school is allowing a partially clothed boy to “twerk” in front of female classmates while they changed their clothes for physical education and sports events, prompting a federal lawsuit alleging violations of the Minnesota Constitution, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, federal law and the U.S. Constitution.
The law bans discrimination based on sex in public schools, but Obama is interpreting “sex” to also mean “gender identity” to allow boys who say they are girls to enter girls restrooms, lockers and showers.
It notes under the district’s policy the boy “dances to loud music with sexually explicit lyrics in the locker room while ‘twerking,’ ‘grinding,’ and lifting up his skirt to reveal his underwear,” according to the lawsuit.

‘You don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair’: Marc Jacobs defends his models’ dreadlocks after cultural appropriation uproar
Marc Jacobs has defended the use of dreadlocks in his New York Fashion Week Show, claiming he doesn’t see ‘color or race’ but only ‘people’.
Jacobs came under fire after he cast predominantly white models, including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and had them sport huge multicolored wool dreadlocks.
But the designer said the disapproval is ‘nonsense’, asking his detractors why they don’t ‘criticize women of color for straightening their hair’.
Hotel Reportedly Removes Bibles From Rooms After Atheist Complaint
An atheist organization that has asked private hotels and publicly funded university-owned hotels to remove Bibles from their guest rooms has reportedly convinced the Thunderbird Executive Inn in Glendale, Arizona, to do just that.
According to a press release from The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist group, rooms at the hotel “are now Bible free” after the organization requested their removal.
Branch Co. mother says son was suspended from school after reporting knife
Kyler Davies, a 7th grade student, found a pocket knife in his backpack. His mom tells us she bought the bag at Goodwill and never checked it. When her son found it, he told a counselor, and was suspended.
“He was turning it over like he was supposed to, and you are punishing him for doing what’s right. So what is that teaching these kids?” his mother Denise Davies asked.
Denise says she doesn’t think her son, 12-year-old Kyler, will be back to Coldwater Community Schools.
2-year-old girl fined in Washington for allegedly littering
A 2-year-old girl in Washington D.C. received a $75 citation from police Thursday for allegedly littering near an alley by her home.
Teresa Westover, whose 2-year-old daughter received a citation, told Fox 5 DC that she called the Department of Public Works but they refused to void the ticket.
Police on alert in Georgia after clowns approach children outside schools following online kidnapping threats
Police in west Georgia say they’ve received several calls about clowns trying to talk to children and are investigating an online threat to abduct children from local schools.
Alabama Cops Make First Arrest in Clown ‘Reign of Terror’
Authorities claimed their first win against Clownpocalypse as Flomaton, Alabama police may have finally put the brakes on a clown reign of terror spreading across the South.
After a series of threatening posts on the “Flomo Clown” Facebook page, authorities in the Alabama town took two juveniles and one adult into custody on Thursday in connection with the incident.

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