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#BlackLivesMatter | Violence Against Police Officers

Police: ‘Sheer brutality’ as 3 officers slain in Baton Rouge ambush

The chaotic shootout between Baton Rouge officers and a lone gunman ranged around a series of commercial buildings before a SWAT officer killed the suspect with a 100-yard shot, police said Monday.
The gunman, Gavin Eugene Long, 29, of Kansas City, Mo., had an IWA Tavor SAR 5.56-caliber rifle and Springfield 9.9mm pistol with him during the shootout Sunday morning, according to Col. Michael Edmonson, superintendent of state police. Another Stag Arms M4 Variant 5.56-caliber semi-automatic rifle was at his rented Chevrolet Malibu car, Edmonson said.
The guns are being analyzed for the chain of ownership, he said.
By watching videos from the area around a car wash and convenience store where the shooting occurred, police said Long ignored civilians and shot only at police, Edmonson said.


shannonmilesDeputy killed in Houston ambush shot 15 times; suspect held without bond

A man charged with killing a suburban Houston officer first shot the 10-year veteran in the back of the head and fired a total of 15 times, authorities said Monday.
Shannon J. Miles, who is accused of capital murder and whose criminal record includes convictions for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with a firearm, appeared briefly in state District Court in handcuffs and shackles. The 30-year-old Houston resident said little, other than to answer the judge’s questions. He’s being held without bond.


Black Lives Matter Terrorists Murder Dallas Cops

The ambush-style mass shooting of cops in Dallas, Texas, last night makes it clear that it is time for the dangerous, anti-American insurgency called Black Lives Matter to be designated a terrorist organization for fomenting a war against the nation’s law enforcement officers.
As FrontPage went to press early Friday morning, five Dallas area police officers were dead, systematically slaughtered by snipers.
That makes it the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.
The officers were killed during a demonstration in downtown Dallas against police brutality that leftists say is directed at black Americans as a matter of government policy. Similar marches and rallies took place in other cities, including New York, Oakland, Calif., and Denver, Colo. One suspect has been killed and three others remain in custody. Police have not yet released their identities.


Black Lives Matter’s Support for Killers of Black Cops

In the spring of 2000, Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Kinchen and fellow Deputy Aldranon English went to serve a warrant in downtown Atlanta. Both Kinchen and English were African-American.
Ricky Kinchen and Aldranon English were approaching a store owned by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H Rap Brown. Brown had converted to Islam after a term in prison and a shootout with police officers in the seventies. He had shot to fame as the very violent chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Typical lines included, “It’s time for Cambridge to explode, baby. Black folks built America, and if America don’t come around, we’re going to burn America down.”
When Kinchen and English were approaching him, Brown was known as Imam Al-Amin, a Muslim religious leader who headed the Community Mosque and was a key figure in the National Ummah.
He was no less of a terrorist for it.
Al-Amin opened fire with a rifle on the two African-American law enforcement officers. Deputy Aldranon English was wounded and he stumbled to a nearby field to save his life. Deputy Kinchen was shot and fell. Al-Amin ran out of bullets, took a handgun from his black Mercedes, pointed it at the fallen African-American officer as he lay dying and shot him between the legs three times.


The terrifying moment a Philadelphia cop was shot as he fled for his life during ambush by police-hating gunman who killed one bystander and wounded two officers

Dramatic closed circuit footage has emerged showing the frightening moments when a Philadelphia police officer was shot and wounded by a gunman late Friday night.
The footage, which was obtained by NBC10, shows how an officer who sustained a gunshot wound tried to flee and take cover while limping, collapsing on the sidewalk in the process.
The officer is then aided by other cops who appear in the frame and engage the gunman, who is not clearly seen in the clip.
The gunman, Nicholas Glenn, was shot dead after he ambushed and shot two cops and four civilians, killing one of the bystanders, in a ‘targeted attack on police’.


‘Chicago gangs to deploy SNIPER against police’: City on edge as armed groups ‘plan to kill cops in retaliation for shooting of unarmed black teen Paul O’Neal

Chicago police officials on Tuesday were bracing for gang-led retaliation for the July shooting of unarmed black teenager Paul O’Neal, with one armed group reportedly readying a sniper to pick off cops.
The heads of three notorious gangs based in the city’s crime-ridden West Side met recently to plan their revenge by targeting senior members of the Chicago Police Department, according to a report in Monday editions of The Chicago Sun-Times.


Vehicle plows into Phoenix officers standing outside QuikTrip convenience store

The man accused of striking police officers with his vehicle at a Phoenix QuikTrip early Tuesday has been identified as 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne.
An angry Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner played a video showing a vehicle pulling out of a parking space, circling the parking lot and then accelerating toward the police officers outside the convenience store.
In a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Yahner said two officers were seriously injured and the driver will be booked on three charges of attempted first-degree murder.


After Cop Does Good Deed, Man Writes ‘Kill That Pig’ on Social Media. So Police Send a Little Message Right Back.

When a Detroit police officer was caught on video last week doing a good deed — using her off-duty hours to give school supplies to a little girl in need — the clip hit Facebook and garnered lots of praise from neighbors.
But not everybody felt similarly. One comment in particular was alarming. A user going by “Gee Ross” declared “kill that pig” Sunday night, WJBK reported.


Dems Officially Endorse Anti-Cop BlackLivesMatter Movement

The Democratic National Committee has officially endorsed the increasingly violent Black Lives Matter movement whose paranoid radical left-wing members accuse police nationwide of systemic anti-black racism and brutality against black suspects.


Anti-Cop Rioters Don’t Care about ‘Justice’

The rule of law is breaking down as riots erupt before the facts come in.


Caught on Video: Black Lives Matter Leader Calls for Running Over, Shooting Police

A Black Lives Matter leader called for attacks on police at a rally in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.


More Hypocrisy from Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter began as a movement about ending fear — the fear that many black Americans feel when it comes to interacting with law enforcement. That fear may or may not be justified, but it’s real, and a society where innocent citizens live in fear of those who claim to keep them safe is a troubled one. But Black Lives Matter, or at least a nontrivial number of its proponents, has become a movement about instilling fear — sometimes in politicians, sometimes in “white people,” but mainly and most significantly in police.
Last week, a gunman in Dallas opened fire on police at the end of a Black Lives Matter demonstration, killing five officers and wounding several others. Micah Johnson, the shooter, told a hostage negotiator that he was angry on behalf of Black Lives Matter and “wanted to kill white people, especially police officers.”


The Demagogues’ War on Cops

The war on cops and racial strife are exacerbated by race hustlers and the media.


Black Lives Matter: Radicals Using Moderates to Help Tear America Apart

This movement is not the answer to problems in black communities.


New Black Panthers’ Militant Black Muslim Leader Calls for “War” Against Police and Whites

Once again, the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, is making waves for some vile and explosive comments that he recently made on his “Black Power Radio” program.
The outspoken and violent man argued that police brutality in America had gone too far and that black communities must start defending themselves against the violence of white America – “by any means necessary.”
“We will defend ourselves as Malcolm said, ‘by any means necessary,’ and that the only option cannot be non-violence… We have the right to defend ourselves with deadly force.”


Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘Defund Police’

A year ago, two police officers in New York were executed while they sat in their patrol car. A week ago, five cops were killed in Dallas. Now three more officers have been murdered in Baton Rouge by a man inspired to kill because he believed the news about police unfairly targeting black men.
If you are to believe to President Obama, who issued a statement right after the shooting, these events should not be linked to anyone or any movement: “These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one. They right no wrongs. They advance no causes.”


Obama’s Police Hating BLM aren’t Like MLK, More Like KKK and NSM by AlfonZo Rachel

Michelle Obama has said blacks should vote democrat, and Barack tips his hat to BLM, But BLM are just becoming an intimidation arm of the democrat party the same as the KKK were, and they are sold out for socialism the same as the nazis. On top of that all of the aforementioned depend on justifying the hatred of a group or groups and unifying others on that hate and anger and motivate with the us against them mentality to achieve their insatiable goals.


Dallas Police Officers Shot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An Army veteran who wanted to kill white people shot 12 Dallas police officers – and five have died – from elevated positions at a Black Lives Rally march/rally that was organized to protest the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. Two citizens were also wounded.


NYPD Commissioner: 2 New York City police officers “assassinated”

An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon, striking them both before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said.
The shooting took place in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Both officers were shot in the head and rushed to a hospital, where they later died.
At a news conference Saturday night, Bratton identified the officers as Wenjian Liu, a seven-year veteran of the NYPD, and Raphael Ramos, who joined the force two years ago.


Anti-Cop Twitter Users Celebrate Police Deaths, Call For More Violence

Following the shooting of more than 10 police officers in Dallas, Texas, there has been an eruption of celebration about the deaths on Twitter.
Anti-police users, many of them Black Lives Matter supporters, took to the platform to praise the deaths of the Dallas policemen. Many called the dead policemen “pigs,” while others said that they deserved to be killed. Still others openly called for more police deaths, echoing the calls for cop-killings that flooded the platform in the days preceding the Dallas shootings.


Virginia Officer Ashley Guindon Fatally Shot on First Shift, 2 Other Cops Wounded

A newly-sworn-in Virginia cop was fatally shot and two other officers were wounded while responding to a fatal domestic related incident, the Prince William County Police Department said late Saturday.
Officer Ashley Guindon died from injuries sustained in the shooting in Woodbridge, the police department said shortly after 10:30 p.m.

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