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Here we go again… New wave of police protests after unarmed black man is shot dead by San Diego officer

Daily Mail
By Regina F. Graham and Chris Summers For Dailymail.com
Published: 19:09 EST, 27 September 2016 | Updated: 09:11 EST, 28 September 2016


An unarmed disabled black man was shot dead by police in San Diego after his sister called 911 to ask for help, reports suggest.

Alfred Olango, 30, was gunned down in a parking lot on Tuesday afternoon, triggering more protests against police brutality after a spate of deadly shootings at the hands of cops.

Just minutes after the fatal shooting, a witness captured his horrified sister screaming: ‘I called police to help him, not to kill him’.

Video of the shooting appears to show Olango taking something from his pocket and pointing it at officers, but police have refused to said what it was. They did not find a gun at the scene.

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said his officers fired because Olango quickly extended the object and took a stance ‘suggesting he was about to shoot’.

Police said they were called to the Broadway Village Shopping Center in El Cajon, after they received calls Olango was behaving erratically and ‘not acting like himself’, a statement from police reads.

Davis said on Tuesday night that the shooting victim was walking in traffic ‘not only endangering himself, but motorists.’

He said the man refused multiple instructions by the first officer on the scene to remove his hand from his pocket.
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White man shot and killed by police and no one bats an eye; black man shot and killed by police and everyone loses their minds

Of the 802 people shot and killed by police so far in 2016: 392 were white and 197 were black.
Of the 1146 people shot and killed by police in 2015: 581 were white and 306 were black.

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