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Video Proof: Seven Instances of Hillary’s Clinton’s Naked Racism

Daily Wire
By John Nolte | 26 August 2016

Of course Hillary Clinton is a racist whose words, policies and indifference have only increased division, despair, misery and poverty in America’s predominantly black inner-cities. She stokes fear, and she preys on these communities with policies of dependence and nihilism. Trump is absolutely right when he says that Clinton sees people of color only as votes and not as human beings.

Clinton’s naked racism comes in many forms.

Its breadth and scope spans decades.

1. Hillary Clinton is the Godmother of the Birther Movement

Obviously the mainstream media is now memory-holing all of this…

2. Hillary’s Racist Policies

For more than fifty years Democrats like Hillary Clinton have backed policies that have provably decimated our predominantly black inner-cities and more importantly, the black family. The welfare state is nothing more than another plantation. Moreover, all of the left’s do-gooder crime policies almost exclusively hurt urban areas. Criminals prey primarily on the poor, not on the residents of Chappaqua or the Virginia suburbs.

Hillary’s opposition to school choice and charter schools is not only mercenary, it is monstrous.

It is the hatred of contempt and indifference that flames Hillary’s bigotry.

3. Hillary Embraces Racist Black Lives Matter

Other than the police officers being hunted down and murdered (many of whom are not white), who does Black Lives Matter most hurt? Blacks. Every single one of these BLM riots have happened in black neighborhoods.
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