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Blacks Against The BLM `Movement`

Published on Sep 10, 2016

“He’s white! Beat him! Black Power!” – Black Lives Matter in Milwaukee hunts White Americans

“Black Lives Matter” protesters repeatedly call to hunt down, beat and kill white people while shouting “Black Power” during the riots in Milwaukee on the Night of August the 13th. The BLM activists set the BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh on fire, robbed, burnt down and smashed multiple cars and purposefully searched for white people to assault.

Strong Black Woman, Peggy Hubbard, Slams ‘Black Lives Matter’ Thugs..https://youtu.be/ubSxtcF-6gw
Honest black man totally destroys BLM hypocrites & domestic terrorists with one simple question

Johnathan Gentry, a minister at the West Angeles Church of God, asks BLM hypocrites thugs criminals & domestic terrorists with one simple question, `Why does black lives only matter only when they are lost by (white) police (police that are statistically shown to be only protecting themselves against violent black actions in the majority of cases anyway) (but not 1,000 times more by black-on-black crimes)`?
Black Lives Matter Rant!!!!!

Why I can’t support Black lives matter

Sheriff David Clarke educates congressman on Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter Organizers Lying About ‘Racism’

Black Lives Matter “leaders” RUNNING from Jesse Lee Peterson. In February 2016 on Jesse’s TV show The Fallen State (http://thefallenstate.tv), Jesse interviewed L.A. Trade-Tech Black Student Union members accompanied by Black Lives Matter “leader” Jasmine Richards, an angry lesbian charged with felony lynching, who pulled the female guest off the set before the show taping was ended.
#BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors LIES to Jesse Then RUNS & Gets ‘Chicken Song’

On the radio show http://JLPtalk.com , Jesse interviewed Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors, artist, organizer, radical homosexual activist, and “freedom fighter” — co-founder of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and movement with Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza.
The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show: “Uniting the races with truth instead of dividing them with lies.” Listen LIVE http://JLPtalk.com M-F 6-9am PT/9-noon ET.

How The Milwaukee Riot Escallated during the day with BLM and Officers https://youtu.be/g_7HN_-hdh0.
a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect. The 23-year-old man killed in the shooting was fleeing from a traffic stop while armed with a stolen gun. the man’s gun came from a burglary in the neighboring town of Waukesha. The owner of the gun said 500 rounds of ammunition were also stolen.
Police vehicles and four businesses were set on fire. One police officer is in the hospital.
The man shot by police has been identified as 23-year-old Sylville Smith. The officer who shot him is described as a 24-year-old black man with six years of experience. Police cars, a gas station, bank and a vehicle supply store were set on fire by alleged rioters.
Rioters were reportedly firing shots, and first responders were unable to render aid to burning businesses. Assistant Police Chief James Harpole said there were three people who were in the gas station when it was set ablaze
Bus shelters were torn from the ground littering the street with shattered glass
Crowds chased reporters and a photographer from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, punching one reporter to the ground
Carol Costello Apologizes On Air for CNN Lying About Milwaukee Riot Situation (VIDEO + REACTION)

Carol Costello (CNN) has had to apologize on air for her network lying about the Milwaukee situation via a quick on-air story they did on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016. The story, which featured CNN reporter Ana Cabrera, portrayed the sister of the man who got shot by police in Milwaukee as calling for peace. Sylville Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, actually said that violent “protesters” should not riot and destroy the neighborhood in which they lived, but should take the mayhem and destruction into the suburbs and “burn that shit down” instead. She also said “we need our weave” in reference to the stores which carry hair weave that should be preserved.
Black Lives Matter Protest Throwing Fireworks at Police Violent BLM Protesters in Minneapolis RIOT

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