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Layoffs 2016


Avon Products moving to the U.K., shedding 2,500 jobs
Avon Products, the maker of cosmetics and beauty products, said Monday that it is moving its operational headquarters from New York to the United Kingdom and will shed 2,500 jobs.

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Atlanta Fire Chief suspended for writing a book about his Christian beliefs

I’m going to order his book to support him.

America's Watchtower

 Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who is also a Baptist deacon, recently published a book entitled Who Told You You Were Naked?

  In this book he apparently talks about sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and sex outside of marriage. Needless to say, because of his personal belief on homosexuality the LBGT community was outraged and because of this outrage he was suspended without pay for one month and ordered to undergo “sensitivity training.”

  Here is what Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed had to say about this decision:

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America’s Ebola response is ‘madness’

From WND
By Michael Savage     |    4 August 2014

Exclusive: Michael Savage wonders why victims are coming to U.S.

Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of columns on the Ebola epidemic by radio talk-show host Michael Savage, who has a Ph.D. in epidemiology.
The madness of Ebola is only matched by the madness of America.

Let’s start with common sense. If a member of your family has the viral illness known as the common cold, what do you normally do? Well, you try to avoid contact with that person. Certainly, you want to avoid them sneezing on you or the droplets from their cough spreading anywhere in the house.
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Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday

From Policymic
Rachel George  |  21 August 2013

antoinette, tuff:, meet, the, woman, who, prevented, a, mass, school, shooting, yesterday,

Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday    © Every Joe/Antoinette Tuff

Fortunately, Tuesday’s gunman incident at an elementary school near Atlanta ended with no injuries or deaths. This is mainly thanks to Antoinette Tuff, a school clerk who spent about an hour calmly persuading the gunman to put his rifle down and surrender.

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