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ANIMAL CRUELTY | Medical students in India throw dog off balcony

Brave dog who was thrown off a balcony by two cruel medical students in a sick video prank makes a miraculous recovery and finds a happy new home

A dog thrown off a building by two Indian medical students who videod their sick prank has made a miraculous recovery and found a loving new home.

Bhadra was thought to have died in the cruel stunt in Chennai, southern India, which made headlines earlier this year after her torturers posted footage online.

But it has now emerged that the plucky animal survived – despite broken bones – and was still wagging her tail despite writhing in pain when she was found.

It took two months for her injuries to heal. But during that time she won the heart of Karthik Dhandapani, a Blue Cross animal welfare volunteer who fostered her.


Karthik Dhandapani, Blue Cross Animal Welfare Volunteer

He loved her so much that he managed to persuade his mother – who never liked dogs – to let him adopt her and give her a ‘forever home’.
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