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Ballet Jihad

From FrontPage Magazine
May 19, 2016 | By Deborah Weiss

Restricting the world of ballet in the name of “tolerance.”

Stephanie admits that some “adjustments” in ballet choreography, music and costumes might be needed to accommodate Muslims.  It’s important to note that these “adjustments” amount to much more than simply a religious accommodation to Muslims who want to wear a hijab during ballet class.  That Stephanie is not asking others to wear hijabs is irrelevant.  The adjustments Stephanie demands are tantamount to changing the art of ballet.
Shall we change the steps to Swan Lake because they are not Islamic enough?
If there is well known choreography, shall we destroy it to accommodate Islamic preferences?
If Bach constitutes un-Islamic music, shall we have the Muslim drummer (the only instrument Muslims are allowed to play), do different notes and still say it’s a Bach performance?


A 14 year-old Muslim convert wants to change the world of ballet, all in the name of “tolerance.”

Stephanie Kutlow, age 14, from Sydney, Australia, has been dancing since she was two years old.  She’s had the life-long goal of becoming a professional ballerina.

In 2010, when Stephanie was age 8, she, her two brothers and her Australian father all converted to Islam.  It’s unclear if her Russian mother was already a Muslim or converted along with the family.

Upon Stephanie’s conversion, she quit dancing for awhile, claiming that no full-time ballet studio would accept her with her hijab.  However, she missed her ballet practice, and feeling she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her hijab or her beliefs in order to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina, she resumed her dancing.

Though there is no evidence that she is of professional caliber, she blames her lack of professional training on her hijab.  One article stated that her hijab was the only thing that separated her from other ballerinas.  Yet, anyone with a professional ballet background or familiarity with the professional world of ballet can see that Stephanie’s turn-out, feet and body type are all wrong for the competitive world of professional ballet.  (Sorry!)

Never-the-less, inspired by Micheala DePrince and Misty Copeland, both top-notch ballet dancers of color, Stephanie was determined to be the world’s first hijabbed ballet dancer.  She created a LaunchGood crowdfunding campaign to raise 10,000 dollars to pay for the professional training and ballet tutoring she said she needed.  Eventually, she wants to start a ballet school catering to those who are disengaged, or belong to religious and racial minorities.

Stephanie blames the ballet requirement to be hijab-free on “ignorance” and “Islamophobia.”  She explains that people shouldn’t be ashamed of their differences, but proud of them. She wants people to know that Muslims have the same values of love and kindness that others have.
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