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Dearborn Muslims protest: “We are victims twice — by Islamophobia and ISIS”

The above photo has apparently been making the rounds on the internet with the claim that it depicts pro-ISIS Muslims marching in Dearborn, Michigan. When I saw the photo my first reaction was ‘Are you f-ing kidding me? Why haven’t I heard about this before now?’ Soooooo, I did a little research. I came across sites debunking the above claim about the photo showing a pro-ISIS march in Dearborn and I also came across some sites reporting about an anti-ISIS rally in Dearborn (the anti-ISIS rally, BTW, only attracted, at most, a hundred Muslims out of a Dearborn Muslim population of over 30,000 – but that didn’t surprise me). I saw a comment on one website that stated the above photo appears to be that of an Ashura procession (see Questioning the wisdom behind Ashura processions) so I did a little more research. The pictures below are from a 2015 Ashura rally in Dearborn. When one compares the above photo with the photos below I think it’s pretty clear the above photo is NOT from a pro-ISIS march as is being claimed. This doesn’t mean Dearborn Muslims are innocent, not by any stretch of the imagination; this just means the above photo isn’t what some are claiming it to be.


From Jihad Watch
November 29, 2015 | By Robert Spencer


There are thousands of Muslims in Dearborn; why did only 100 show up for this? This is not the first time that attendance at a Muslim rally against terrorism has been decidedly underwhelming. Earlier this month, only 30 Muslims protested against the jihad massacres in Paris. In July 2015, a Muslim rally in Ireland against the Islamic State drew fifty people. In October 2014 in Houston, a rally against the Islamic State organized by the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) drew the grand total of ten people. In August 2013 in Boston, about 25 Muslims rallied against “misperceptions” that Islam was violent. About the same number showed up in June 2013 at a progressive Muslim rally in Toronto to claim that their religion had been “hijacked.”

And back in 2005, a group called the Free Muslims Coalition held what it dubbed a “Free Muslims March Against Terror,” intending to “send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered … and to send a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them.” In the run-up to the event it got enthusiastic national and international publicity, but it ended up drawing about twenty-five people.

Contrast those paltry showings to the thousands of Muslims who have turned out for rallies against cartoons of Muhammad or against Israel. Here are some headlines from the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre of Muhammad cartoonists in January 2015:

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Islamization of the West | Islam in Public Schools

If non-Muslim students are expected to go on a field trip to a mosque then Muslim students should be expected to go on a field trip to a church, a synagogue, etc.
If non-Muslim female students are expected to wear a hijab for a day in school then Muslim female students should be expected to go without a hijab for a day in school.
If non-Muslim students are expected to write an essay on their conversion to Islam then Muslim students should be expected to write an essay on their conversion to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.
If non-Muslim students are expected to learn about Islam in school, then Muslim students should be expected to learn [and equal time given to] Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.
If Muslim students are allowed to pray during school hours then non-Muslim students should be afforded the same opportunities to pray during school if they so choose.
It’s only fair, right?



Angry Muslim mom: ‘We’re going to be the majority soon!’

COMMON CORE: Islamic Indoctrination 101

13 April 2013
The best way to destroy our constitutional republic (along with its sacrosanct tenets and principles) is to indoctrinate our children in the ways of Islam. And, believe it or not–this is already taking place in the form of Common Core.
Common Core is a Leviathan which originated with the “One World Education” idea. The idea is designed to connect all educational systems on a global scale. Thus, in short–creating a singular, world-wide curriculum.

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Muslim Immigration Pt.15 | Videos


Muslim Gangs Take Control of 55 Zones in Sweden

Published on Nov 5, 2014
Muslim criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by Swedish police, which mapped out the areas law enforcement has handed over. The areas are overrun by organized crime and drug dealing and officers frequently face direct attacks when trying to enter them. We look at how the gangs have secured these zones from criminal authorities, and how authorities have been powerless to change the tide in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.

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Muslim Immigration Pt.12 | Videos


Welcome To London – The New Muslim Capital Of Europe

Published on May 25, 2013

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Muslim Immigration Pt.11 | Videos

Milano - ragazzo egiziano di 17 anni ucciso a coltellate in via padova - scoppia la rivolta in via padova - Milano - ragazzo egiziano di 17 anni ucciso a coltellate in via padova - scoppia la rivolta in via padova - fotografo: SALERNO

The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe You’ll Ever See

Published on Nov 22, 2015
Various clips of the Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Africa that the media isn’t showing. This is an invasion and it must be stopped.

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Muslim Immigration Pt.7 | Videos

Muslim Somalis yell homophobic slurs at gay men after gay parade in Minnesota

Published on Dec 13, 2014
Moslem Somali immigrants yell and scream anti-gay homophobic slurs at a couple of homosexual men after a gay parade in Minneapolis – St. Paul area.

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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 32


Hostility for Christmas was on full display. On Christmas Day, Muslims in Bethlehem, as documented here, set a Christmas tree on fire and greeted the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem with a hail of stones; in Belgium, Muslim “refugees” set fire to a public Christmas tree; in Nigeria, Muslim jihadis attacked churches during Christmas mass and killed at least 16; in the Philippines, on Christmas Eve, Muslim jihadis slaughtered 10 Christians to “make a statement;” in Bangladesh, churches skipped Christmas mass, due to assassination attempts on pastors and death threats against Christians; in Indonesia, churches were on “high alert,” with 150,000 security personnel patrolling; in Iran, Christians celebrating Christmas in homes were arrested; and three Muslim countries — Somalia, Tajikistan, and Brunei — formally banned any Christmas celebrations.

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European-style Islamic Enclaves in the United States?

From PJ Media
By Andrew C. McCarthy | March 31, 2016


Last week’s Brussels jihadist bombings, and their links to December’s Paris attacks that, similarly, appear to have been coordinated by the Islamic State terror network, spotlighted the challenge posed by Europe’s unassimilated Muslim communities. As I observed in a recent column, the threat posed by radical Islam is not limited to “violent extremists” (the Obama administration’s preferred sanitization of the term “jihadists­­”); it is exacerbated by the support system the jihadists enjoy in Muslim enclaves that share their sharia-supremacist ideology.

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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 31


Counter-terrorism officials identified the large group, of which roughly half are teenagers, as highly likely to flee to the Islamic State (ISIS) strongholds of Iraq and Syria.
The 28 strong gang, which includes five teenage girls who converted to Islam, were thought to be planning a terror attack in Brighton using knives or a pistol.

A horrifying news report in The Telegraph has confirmed that 1,400 children were discovered as victims of Muslim rape gangs and prostitution rings in Rotherham, UK, while authorities and child protection services turned a blind eye in order to avoid being called “racist.”

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