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Epic Smackdowns | Trey Gowdy Style PT 12 | Obama, Illegal Immigration

Published on Sep 27, 2016

Took place on September 27, 2016.

Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee Chairman Gowdy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte issued the statement below in advance of this hearing.

“It is outrageous that the Justice Department would seek a consent decree with the New Orleans Police Department to actually inhibit the ability of the federal government to enforce federal law. By hindering federal immigration officers’ ability to apprehend criminal aliens, the Justice Department consciously disregards the safety and security of the American public by enabling the release of these criminals back into our communities to commit more crimes.

“Next week, the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee will examine DOJ’s role in coercing the New Orleans Police Department to adopt dangerous sanctuary policies and will seek answers from the Department. We look forward to hearing their explanation as to why they would encourage a local jurisdiction to violate federal law.”

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Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton















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Checklist of Hillary’s crimes all in 1 case

By Curtis Elis | 7 October 2016
The Department of Justice dropped its case against an American charged with attempting to ship arms to Islamic terrorists. This one story contains pretty much everything that’s wrong with the Clinton-Obama regime: law breaking, deception, aid to Islamist terrorists, the mixing of public and private business and the politicization of all government agencies, including Justice.

It’s not like we haven’t seen it before with this crowd, but it’s rare we get to see it all in one place. Now we have.

As WND previously reported, on Feb. 11, 2014, the Department of Justice indicted arms dealer Marc Turi for allegedly making false statements in filing to obtain a license to supply weapons to Libya. The indictment essentially said Turi knew that weapons he was ostensibly selling to the Gulf state of Qatar would end up arming Islamist militias in Libya fighting to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi.

Turi’s defense attorney said if the case came to trial it would expose a covert gun-running operation conceived by the Clinton State Department to arm al-Qaida-affiliated militias in Libya. The operation would be a violation of a U.N. arms embargo and U.S. laws against providing material support for terrorist organizations. Under 18 U.S. Code 2339A & 2339B, penalties for providing or attempting to provide material support to terrorism include imprisonment from 15 years to life.
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Michael Brown’s Parents Demand UN Arrest Officer Darren Wilson

From Downtrend
By , November 11, 2014.
Any day now a grand jury will announce whether or not they will charge Darren Wilson with the August shooting death of strong-armed robber and thug Michael Brown. All indications are that the police officer was justified and will not face criminal prosecution for the self-defense killing. It is also extremely unlikely that the US Justice department will file civil rights violation charges in the case.

Unwilling to accept that their son was responsible for his own death, Brown’s parents went before the United Nations to demand that the largely symbolic organization arrest Officer Wilson for torture and human rights violations.

Armed with the kooky notion that the UN somehow has authority over the United States, Lesley McSpadden (angry mom) and Michael Brown Sr. (proud papa) spoke to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland today.
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Michael Brown: Bad apple doesn’t fall far from tree

From WND
By Jesse Lee Peterson   |   30 November 2013

Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson laments, ‘Denial runs deep in the black community’

“Burn this b-tch down!” – Michael Brown’s stepfather, after Ferguson grand jury decision

Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson resigned from the police force stating that he hopes his resignation will help calm the town. It won’t calm Michael Brown’s parents, who accept zero responsibility for their son’s actions.

On the night of the Ferguson grand-jury announcement clearing Officer Wilson, Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, stood atop a car outside the Ferguson police station yelling incoherently to a large crowd of protesters. Once the announcement not to charge Officer Wilson was broadcast, McSpadden began weeping uncontrollably while being embraced by Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, and others.
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Jihad Watch’s Spencer: US Muslims Seek, Get Special Status

From NewsMax
Thursday, 04 Sep 2014 04:36 PM   |    By Sean Piccoli
Muslims in the United States who want to impose Islamic law on non-Muslims have succeeded in getting the federal government to back their demands for special rights and accomodations not available to people of other faiths, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

But saying so gets any critic of attempts to establish Muslim exceptionalism labeled a hater, bigot or racist, Spencer told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

“It needs to be emphasized that this is not a racial issue in the slightest,” said Spencer. “There are Islamic supremacists of all races and there are peaceful Muslims of all races.”

Spencer pointed to cases across the country in which federal agencies sided with Muslims seeking special privileges at the expense of other Americans’ customs, beliefs and employment practices, and he connected those efforts to a larger scheme for Islamist dominance of America.
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Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people

From The Matt Walsh Blog
By     |    July 14, 2014
Enough of this, already.

It’s all a game to them. You can see that, can’t you?

Yes, racism is still alive in this country. Of course it is. It’s alive here and everywhere, forever and always, because tribalism is an inseverable part of the human condition. But we can still strive for unity. We can even achieve unity, though imperfectly. That’s why (well, one of the reasons why) the actions and rhetoric of Barack Obama and his caddy, Attorney General Holder, are so disgusting. These two rich, elitist snobs stand on a perch high above us serfs and peasants, but every once in a while, they get bored and decide to dump gasoline on the smoldering tensions of the past.

We all have our hobbies, I guess.
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GOP Congressman: ‘We Just Filed a Resolution Directing the Sergeant-at-Arms to Arrest Lois Lerner for Contempt’

From The Blaze
Jul. 10, 2014 5:03pm   |   By
Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced on Thursday that he has filed a resolution directing the House sergeant-at-arms to “arrest Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress” over the IRS targeting scandal.

Stockman said in a statement that asking the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Lerner for “admittedly illegal activity” is a “joke.” Instead, the Republican said it is up to the U.S. House to “uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President.”

Under the proposed resolution, Lerner would be held in a Washington, D.C., jail and would be given access to an attorney and all her constitutional rights.
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
“It’s time to for House to stop tacitly endorsing this administration’s illegal activity by refusing to hold him accountable,” Stockman said. “I expect Democrats to defend and even praise criminal activity. The question is whether Republican leadership will join them in mocking the House and breaking the law.”

Stockman first made the announcement on Twitter:
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Tax dollars buy lawyers for illegal immigrants

From WND
8 June 2014

Feds launch new program to represent flood of children crossing border


The U.S. Department of Justice just announced a new initiative to provide legal representation to illegal immigrant children who cross into the United States – right after recent headlines rocked the nation predicting that 60,000 or more youth without parents would steal into the country in the coming year.

It’s called “justice AmeriCorps,” and it’s a grant program that will pay for about 100 lawyers and paralegals to provide legal guidance and service in court to children who cross the border illegally.
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