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Refugees sending ‘suitcases of welfare cash’ home to Somalia

From WND
By Leo Hohmann | 18 May 2016

FBI ‘won’t touch it’ for fear of offending Muslims


Men and women pulling “suitcases full of cash” started showing up at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport last year holding tickets for international flights bound for Africa.

Transporting large amounts of cash overseas is perfectly legal. But it was who was carrying the money … and where it was going that caught the attention of law enforcement, according to a report by KING 5, the local NBC affiliate for western Washington.

Those hauling the cash-laden cases were Somali-Americans who’d come to this country as refugees. They routinely send money back to Somalia. And many of the greenbacks headed to the jihadist-infested East African country come from welfare checks the refugees receive from the U.S. government, compliments of American taxpayers.
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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 38

Muslim Invaders of Italy Protest Demanding Free WiFi

10 May 2015
Call it the WiFi Jihad. Never forget that these poor desperate people are fleeing conditions of unimaginable deprivation where the only WiFi they can get is 802.11B.
Their iPhones are still on iOS 6. iOS 8 is an impossible fantasy for them.
Won’t the oppression ever end? First the Muslim invaders entering Italy are getting lasagna instead of their favorite dishes, like beheaded Christian garnished with leftist tears of outrage.

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Islamization of the West | Islam in Public Schools

If non-Muslim students are expected to go on a field trip to a mosque then Muslim students should be expected to go on a field trip to a church, a synagogue, etc.
If non-Muslim female students are expected to wear a hijab for a day in school then Muslim female students should be expected to go without a hijab for a day in school.
If non-Muslim students are expected to write an essay on their conversion to Islam then Muslim students should be expected to write an essay on their conversion to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.
If non-Muslim students are expected to learn about Islam in school, then Muslim students should be expected to learn [and equal time given to] Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.
If Muslim students are allowed to pray during school hours then non-Muslim students should be afforded the same opportunities to pray during school if they so choose.
It’s only fair, right?



Angry Muslim mom: ‘We’re going to be the majority soon!’

COMMON CORE: Islamic Indoctrination 101

13 April 2013
The best way to destroy our constitutional republic (along with its sacrosanct tenets and principles) is to indoctrinate our children in the ways of Islam. And, believe it or not–this is already taking place in the form of Common Core.
Common Core is a Leviathan which originated with the “One World Education” idea. The idea is designed to connect all educational systems on a global scale. Thus, in short–creating a singular, world-wide curriculum.

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Religious Sensitivity for the Most Insensitive Religion Around

From Cherson and Molschky
September 17, 2013  |  By
Rep. Keith Ellison taking his oath of office with the Qur'an. PHOTO: Lawrence Jackson, AP (Source: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/2007-01-03-ellison_x.htm)
The importance of religion is on the decline in the West. The “separation of church and state” ideal has jumped to a new level, and the influx of Muslim immigration has all the politically correct politicians erasing every trace of their nations’ historically Christian roots. While a recent report states that Christmas decorations in Berlin will no longer be allowed to be displayed in public for fear of offending Muslims, this is a trend which can be seen all over the West as the more religious symbols of Christmas are replaced with snowflakes and snowmen, if they are allowed to be displayed at all. As Paul Wilkinson wrote in his article, “Liberalism: Britain’s Descent into the Multicultural Abyss,” other examples of this secularization include “prayers before council meetings stopped, Christians told not to wear crosses at work, or St George’s flags removed in case they upset Muslims.” There are a multitude of such examples, like US Congressman Keith Ellison taking his oath of office with his hand on the Qur’an, rather than the Bible, or the 10 Commandments in a Tennessee school coming down only to be replaced with the 5 Pillars of Islam, with the 6th pillar of jihad listed rather than the charity or tithing pillar.
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How Muslim Immigration Affects Our Schools

From Cherson and Molschky
16 May 2014 | By Rachel Molschky
Muslim immigration is transforming Western society. Our native cultures are dismissed as irrelevant and our religions unimportant. Values like “freedom of religion” are taken to the extreme, while our freedom of speech, which used to be regarded as sacred, is stolen from us because it is not “fair” to the immigrants, who take precedence over the native population. We are being re-taught, our children brainwashed from an early age.
An entire chapter dedicated to Islam in a Florida school textbook with no chapters on any other religion. Image source: dailycaller.com.
As restrictions are eased and our borders inundated with angry foreigners who have an axe to grind, one hand holding the Qur’an, the other a fist in the air, we are letting our own values slip away in lieu of immigrant demands. Political correctness overtakes us , a sense of guilt for wanting to adhere to our own culture and moral values, and we give the upper hand to the visitors in the name of acceptance and equality. But we cannot afford to lose ourselves for the sake of equality, and unfortunately, that is just exactly what is happening. It all begins with our educational system and the indoctrination of our very own children in our own schools and in our own countries.

There are too many examples to list. Here are but a few:
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Kansas ACLU Taking No Action on School Islam Display

From PJ Media

They say the display did not “proselytize.” Is this a new ACLU standard for action?

August 29, 2013 – 12:12 am  |  By Patrick Richardson

Two weeks ago, students at the Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas, were greeted in the hall by this bulletin board display:

The display was later removed by the school after a brief media reaction. The school released a statement, excerpted below:

Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet teaches the five major religions of the world — Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam — as part of the curriculum. The students study civilizations throughout time, throughout the world. Religion is an important component of the history of civilizations. The students study religion with a focus on the history and geography in the development of civilizations. The school does not promote or proselytize any religion. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are all taught in a historical context of their study of the world to understand the place of religion and religious ideas in history. There is also a painting of the Last Supper hanging in the school. The teachers are mindful of the sensitivity over religion. The students at Minneha have received these lessons for years.

A photo taken of a bulletin board without context is misleading and some have taken it out of context without having all the information. Because of the misunderstanding that has been promoted by that one photograph, the bulletin board has been taken down.

Students and staff have the right to engage in private prayer or religious activities in school as long as it’s not disruptive.

Minneha is a Core Knowledge magnet school. As a school of choice, more than 60% of Minneha’s students apply for admission to the school in order to receive the core knowledge education that is the foundation of the school. As part of the core knowledge curriculum, which is overseen by a national foundation devoted to core knowledge education, there is study on civilizations throughout time, and throughout the world.

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Public School Promotes 5 Pillars of Islam

From Fox News
Aug 19, 2013  |  By Todd Starnes

Parents at a Wichita, Kan. elementary school were shocked to discover a giant wall display inside the building promoting the five pillars of Islam.


The large exhibit was erected before the start of the school year as part of a religion component being taught at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet School, a school district spokesperson told Fox News.


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Islam 101

From Jihad Watch
By Gregory M. Davis
author, Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World
producer/director, Islam: What the West Needs to Know — An Examination of Islam, Violence, and the Fate of the Non-Muslim World

Islam 101 is meant to help people become better educated about the fundamentals of Islam and to help the more knowledgeable better convey the facts to others. Similarly, my book and documentary are meant to serve as concise explanations of the major moving parts of Islam and their implications for Western society. Islam 101 is a condensation of the book and documentary with the aim of lending clarity to the public understanding of Islam and of exposing the inadequacy of prevailing views. All should feel free to distribute and/or reproduce it.

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