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This Man’s Facebook Post Got Him FINED and Convicted For Offending Muslims!

From Freedom Daily


Feb 13, 2016

We are living among the scariest times where we are seeing our own freedoms being used against us by Islamist to enact Sharia laws.

Until people wake up and see what’s going on the degradation of modern society will continue to erode as we are seeing in Europe.

via IW: A Danish man was convicted and fined for comparing the religion of Islam to Nazism in the latest example of how Europe is clamping down on free speech as millions of Muslim migrants flood into the continent.

Flemming Nielsen wrote a Facebook post in which he stated, “The ideology of Islam is just as loathsome, disgusting, suppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The mass immigration we are now seeing is the most destructive (thing) that has happened for the Danish society in recent history.”

Prosecutors successfully argued that Nielsen’s rhetoric was “racist” (despite the fact that Islam is not a race), and he was subsequently hit with a 1600 kroner fine.

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