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ZoNation | Obama, So Smart He Makes Things Worse…

Published on Jun 20, 2014

Obama was supposed to be the smart successor to Bush. He was supposed to rid the nation of the stupidity of the previous 8 year. But, oh wait…emails were deleted from a scandalous suspect? Um, Hillary made the ‘hard choice’ to wonder what Benghazi matters. And terrorists were released??? Are these things smart? Hmmmmm… Hear more in Zonation.

RATS! Obama Blames Chuck Hagel for Illegal Bergdahl Swap

Obama is blaming someone else for yet another one of his mistakes? Say it isn’t so….

ZoNation | Let’s Make a GITMO Deal!

Published on Jun 10, 2014

America has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Apparently Obama didn’t get the memo. That’s understandable. He probably missed it while he was really busy ignoring the Constitution. Hear more in this Zonation.

Obama Flips on Taliban Commander

From The Weekly Standard
11:00 AM, Jun 7, 2014   |     By STEPHEN F. HAYES

Three years ago, Obama went to court to keep a Taliban leader at Gitmo. Now he’s out.

While some top Obama administration officials are downplaying threats posed the five senior Taliban officials released from Guantanamo in the prisoner exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, not long ago the administration went to court to prevent one of those men from going free. In a decision on May 31, 2011, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled in favor of the government–and “Respondent Barack Obama”–in its effort to keep Khairulla Khairkhwa in detention. That decision, once classified “Secret,” has since been declassified and released.
Today, with these Taliban leaders free in Qatar and already looking likely to rejoin the fight against America, top Obama administration officials are seeking to reassure Americans that the threats are minimal–or, in the words of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, “sufficiently mitigated.” But just three years ago, the same administration argued in court against Khairkhwa’s writ of habeas corpus because of his senior position with the Taliban, his close relationship with Taliban leader Mullah Omar, and his support for Taliban forces fighting against the United States.
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Bergdahl fiasco the last straw? Tell Congress to impeach

From WND
6 June 2014

Petition: Obama’s presidency ‘without doubt the most lawless in modern history’



America lost four lives at Benghazi, ignoring warnings and pleas for help, under President Barack Obama.

Perhaps thousands of veterans have died because of systemic Veterans Affairs Department problems, under Obama.

Conservatives were discriminated against by the Internal Revenue Service, apparently to minimize their effectiveness in the 2012 elections, under Obama.

During a budget crunch, veterans were unnecessarily blocked from visiting the World War II monument honoring their service, under Obama.
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3 clues the White House needs to cover up Bergdahl

From Allen West
Written by Allen West on June 6, 2014
As more revelations emerge about Bergdahl’s disappearance, it becomes clearer that the White House has something really big to hide. Here are three clues:

1. In predictable fashion, those who question the official story must be discredited. The Soldiers who are providing their own on-the-ground recollections must be “psychopaths,” as an Obama administration official at HUD referred to them. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf has attacked their integrity, and now the media has resurrected “swift-boating” — all meant to disparage, demean, and discredit these brave American Soldiers. This is what liberals do — and I speak from experience.
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Obama lies again: Taliban 5 will be free to roam

From Allen West
Written by Allen West on June 4, 2014
As if he thought he was Sting from the Police, President Obama promised the five senior Taliban leaders he made the unilateral decision to release from Gitmo:

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

Except that was of course a “misstatement.”
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Behind the Scenes of Bowe Bergdahl’s Release