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Muslims, did you know…?

In a Facebook post dated 6 December 2015 Ted Nugent wrote:

Chimps & pigs, a match made in hell. ES&D voodooallahpukes.
Percy the pig makes for an extremely interesting read. I never knew pigs were in most products!!
Every Muslim who has ever handled TNT, Nitro, Bullets, High Explosive Bombs, Rocket Launchers or been treated for cuts injury requiring stitches, or taken antibiotics, or Vitamin Capsules, has been contaminated with Pig Products.
The ironical part is that when a Suicide Bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with Gelatine and Glycerine from the explosive. Both Gelatine and Glycerine are manufactured from Pigs worldwide… Ergo, they will never be accepted by Allah.
Some makers of cigarettes use haemoglobin from pig’s blood in their filters. Apparently this element works as a sort of ‘artificial lung’ in the cigarette so, they claim, ‘harmful reactions take place before the chemicals reach the user’, (enter the Pig.)
Pig bone gelatine is used to help transport gunpowder or cordite into the bullet. Insulin, the blood-thinning drug heparin and pig heart valves all vital. The complex workings of the global food and processing industry have ensured that it is impossible to avoid pig altogether.
There is no legal obligation for manufacturers to specify whether the gelatine they use is from a pig or another animal. When it is specified, it is often confusingly referred to as Suilline gelatine.
So to all prospective Suicide Bombers, ISIS and innocent, good Muslims, I say, “Have a Nice Day” from “Percy” the wonderful Pig.

H/T DC Gazette
Wow! I seriously had no idea how many products use pork!
Muslims should already be aware of this, which might help explain why a lot of them don’t bathe or brush their teeth, but since many of them use guns, which require bullets, and many of them dream about blowing themselves up, which requires explosives, it would lead me to believe that Muslim leaders are suppressing this information because they don’t want to discourage terrorists from killing the rest of us.
Looks like these terrorists won’t be getting the promised 72 virgins after all.
Rage Boy is not happy about this!

‘Democracy Awakening’: The Radical Left’s Latest Makeover

From FrontPage Magazine
April 25, 2016 | By John Perazzo

The same tired, pathetic tropes, repackaged as something new.

Have you heard about the latest intellectual “awakening” that’s being led by a brand new “progressive” movement called Democracy Awakening? Oh, it’s a real thrill, loaded with a host of bold, fresh ideas that’ll make you downright grateful for the fact that such brilliant folks are looking out for you. Ideas like these:

  • repealing all Voter ID laws, on the premise that they’re nothing more than racist schemes designed to disenfranchise nonwhite minorities;
  • overhauling every facet of the criminal-justice system—police, prosecutors, courts, and prisons—on grounds that they are currently infested with racism and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics;
  • supporting the agendas of the Black Lives Matter movement, which detects white racism lurking around every corner and hiding under every rock;
  • permitting Washington, DC to have representation in the U.S. House, Senate, and Electoral College, so as to further empower the Democratic Party;
  • implementing publicly funded elections, thereby preventing citizens and corporations from donating money to the political candidates of their choice;
  • striking a blow to the military-industrial complex” by gutting the national defense budget and redirecting those dollars to a bloated welfare state; and
  • depriving Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

What’s that you say? You’ve heard all this before, a thousand times, from the mouths of a thousand left-wing activists and political candidates seeking to erode American liberties? Don’t tell that to the good folks at Democracy Awakening. It might hurt their feelings. They kinda like thinking of themselves as intellectual trailblazers.
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Gaza Palestinians and Hamas

Six Israeli ‘spies’ executed before baying mob in Gaza City, before motorbike gang drags one bloodied victim through the streets

Six men accused of being ‘Israeli spies’ were dragged through the streets of Gaza City and executed in front of a chanting mob today as Israel warned Palestinians to evacuate some areas of the territory in apparent preparation for a ground invasion.
Witnesses said the six were taken to an intersection in the north of the city where they were summarily shot for providing intelligence that helped Israel pinpoint key figures in Hamas and the Islamic Jihad targeted by their warplanes.

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Inside the Bernie Sanders Pro-Hamas Campaign

From FrontPage Magazine
April 15, 2016 | By Daniel Greenfield

Attacking Jews and pandering to Muslims is the plan.


Why won’t Bernie Sanders stop attacking Israel? That’s the question some Jewish supporters are asking as the troubled campaign continues alienating Jews while pandering to haters of the Jewish State.

For the longest time it was all but impossible to get Bernie to even admit he was Jewish. His campaign conducted no outreach to Jewish groups while aggressively pursuing outreach to Muslim groups such as CAIR. CAIR is an anti-Semitic Islamist group with known ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
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A Tale of Three Twitter Feeds: Hamas Tweets in Arabic, English, and Hebrew


Analysis of the social-media messaging of Hamas’ military wing reveals distinct voices for the West, the Arab Middle East, and Israel

An example of al-Qassam’s Arabic Twitter feed from August, 2014. (Twitter @qassam_arabic1)

During the late afternoon on Aug. 26, hours before the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire in Gaza began, Hamas’ military wing—Al-Qassam Brigades—launched its final attacks on Israel. In addition to the dozens of rockets shot by Al-Qassam Brigades, @qassam_Arabic1, Al-Qassam’s official Arabic Twitter account, defiantly posted dozens of tweets declaring unconditional triumph. Sprinkling religious messaging on their Arabic Twitter page, Al-Qassam frequently utilized Quranic language to inspire its followers. At the same time, in English, Al-Qassam was posting online messages employing terms such as “human rights” to attract a Western audience while emphasizing Palestinian suffering—a campaign that has arguably captured more tangible benefits and strategic ground for the Islamist group than its missiles and…

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Demented: Hamas Welcomes News Of 3-Month-Old Baby’s Murder After Palestinian Rams Car In Crowd Of Israelis

MidnightWatcher's Blogspot

“The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, ‘Kill any Jew who falls under your power.’” (Hadith, Tabari 7:97)

A baby Jew was just murdered. Hamas must be feeling very close to Islam’s blood-thirsty “Allah” right now. After all, when it comes to spilling innocent blood “there is no better blood than the blood of Jews.” The list of terrorists for Palestinian children to revere has just increased. Again …

Ezekiel 35:1-6, “Again a message came to me from the LORD: ‘Son of man, turn and face Mount Seir, and prophesy against its people. Give them this message from the Sovereign LORD: ‘I am your…

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I’ve been reading the book “ISIS: The New Face of Terror” by Jay Alan Sekulow. Below are a few excerpts from the book. ~Angel~


p. 7-8

ISIS is brutal beyond imagination to anyone – Christian, Jew, Yazidi, and even Shiite Muslims – who is not aligned with its jihadist form of Sunni Islam. In Syria, ISIS has slaughtered Shiites, Christians, and Alawites. In Iraq it has done the same, giving Christians in conquered territories a chilling ultimatum: “Convert, leave your homes, or die.”

Tens of thousands of Christians have fled. ISIS fighters have marked their homes and businesses in much the same way that Nazis marked the Jews of Germany and occupied lands, using an Arabic symbol that has come to mean “Nazarene”…They have sold Christian women as sex slaves, and there are numerous reports that they’ve beheaded children.

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The is HAMAS in America…

Obama Touts Terror-Supporting Sheikh in UN Address

From The Clarion Project
By Ryan Mauro    |     Sun, September 28, 2014

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the UN; inset: Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah
U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the UN; inset: Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah
Of all the clerics in the world who condemn the Islamic State terrorist group (commonly known as ISIS or ISIL), President Obama chose Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah for special mention in his address to the United Nations. Bin Bayyah is a Muslim Brotherhood leader who supports Hamas, the elimination of Israel and killing U.S. soldiers.
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