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Insanity | Neglect, Abuse, Murder of Children PT 3

A previous post dating back to January (pictured) shows the girl with a baby doll for what appeared to be a school assignment on parenting, with the caption: 'This thing so annoying'

A previous post dating back to January (pictured) shows the girl with a baby doll for what appeared to be a school assignment on parenting, with the caption: ‘This thing so annoying’

Schoolgirl, 16, who is accused of throwing her baby girl out of a window moments after giving birth asked for a ride and a ‘huge favor’ on Facebook just 30 minutes before paramedics arrived and found infant dead

A 16-year-old girl accused of throwing her newborn child out of the window asked for help on Facebook just before authorities arrived.
Antonia Lopez, of Omaha, Nebraska, is being charged as an adult in the death of her daughter.
Authorities believe she went into labor on Friday, gave birth in her bedroom and threw her baby girl from the second floor of her apartment building.
Lopez then told her mother what had happened, according to authorities. Lopez’s mother found the baby in the grass, called 911 and gave the newborn CPR until paramedics arrived, police said.


Grandmother indicted when her two-year-old grandson dies from horrific burns after ‘climbing into scalding mop water’, and then waiting six days to call 911

A Texas grandmother has been indicted for felony murder of her two-year-old grandson.
Police say she waited at the home six days before calling authorities to report her grandson had been burned by boiling water.
‘I’ve got a two-year-old who looks like he’s in shock,’ you can hear Flores say in a 911 call released by Haltom City Police on Thursday. ‘He’s having trouble breathing.’
Haltom City police officers initially apprehended Patricia Flores, 43, in April after issuing a warrant for her arrest and setting her bond at $75,000.

A toddler was abused since birth, and officials ignored it, a lawsuit claims. Now she is dead.

When 2-year-old Glenara Bates died, she was 13 pounds — a weight more typical for a 3-month-old.
The day she was killed, prosecutors say her father swung her and slammed her against a door. She cried … and then silence.
The abuse Glenara faced likely wasn’t a shock to county officials in Ohio — she was briefly placed in foster care after she was born in January 2013.
Still, officials placed Glenara back in her parents’ Cincinnati home, where, court records say, she endured abuse at the hands of her parents for the rest of her short life.
A federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Glenara’s maternal grandmother, Desana Bradley, says that social services officials knew the toddler was being abused — and still left her with her parents.

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Layoffs 2016


Avon Products moving to the U.K., shedding 2,500 jobs
Avon Products, the maker of cosmetics and beauty products, said Monday that it is moving its operational headquarters from New York to the United Kingdom and will shed 2,500 jobs.

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Islamophobia? Hate Crime? No.

Lots of people [Muslims and Liberals] are screaming ‘Islamophobia’ and calling this  a ‘hate crime’ because the victims are [allegedly] Muslim.   Hmmmmmm.  Islamophobia? Hate crime? I don’t think so.  The first article below states that “none of the men lived at the home” where the shootings occurred and the house was described as a “hang-out spot.” The second article below states the house was a “party house”. So this sounds less like ‘Islamophobia’ or a ‘hate crime’ and more like a revenge killing or a dispute over drugs or money. 

3 found in Fort Wayne house died of gunshot wounds

26 Feb 2016

The victims were identified as 23-year-old Mohamedtaha Omar, 20-year-old Adam Kamel Mekki and 17-year-old Muhannad Adam Tairab. All three were from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Indiana Faces Consequences From Federal Government For Exiting Common Core

From The Foundry
By   |  May 6, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images
On Friday, the U. S. Department of Education sent a letter to Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, threatening to revoke the state’s waiver from No Child Left Behind – because Indiana exited the Common Core national standards last month.
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Deadly MERS Virus Has Finally Come To the USA! Man In Indiana Has Been Diagnosed!


Deadly MERS Virus Has Finally Come To the USA! Man In Indiana Has Been Diagnosed!

MERS is short for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which first appeared in 2012. Since that time, the CDC has confirmed cases of MERS in 401 people in 12 countries, of whom 93 have been fatalities.  Saudi Arabia has been hit the hardest with 322 cases and 68 deaths.

Assistant Surgeon General Anne Schuchat, who is also the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said at a Friday news conference, “This is a rapidly evolving situation. The introduction of MERS-CoV is another reminder that diseases are just a plane ride away.”

Symptoms of  the deadly MERS virus include fever, cough and breathing problems, which could lead to pneumonia and kidney failure. If you begin having any of these symptoms, please see your family healthcare provider immediately.

Other sources:  USA TODAY

From Vine Of Life…

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Indiana Police Officer Under Investigation For Abusing Of K-9 Dog



3626237_G A Hammond Police K-9 officer is on administrative leave this week after the YouTube video was posted by a citizen who saw him striking a K-9 dog and lifting the dog by the leash off the ground repeatedly. The officer lifts the German Shepard by the leash and appears to be striking the dog with another leash in the stomach area.

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Anti-American Libtards vs the American Flag

Renters denied freedom to display American flag

20 June 2013, Odd News Videos

In the days leading up to the Fourth of July, renters in Indianapolis, Indiana are facing orders to take down the American flag that they proudly display at their apartments. WTHR Eyewitness News reported that renter Jordan Stein received a letter from management at the Core Riverbend Apartments threatening to fine him $75 if he did not remove the U.S. flag from his balcony.

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Indiana: American Taliban lawyer continues legal jihad to enforce sharia law on prison