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Detroit Firefighter Fired for Bringing ‘Racially Insensitive’ Watermelon to Work

By Katherine Rodriguez | 8 Oct 2017

A Detroit firefighter was fired before he officially began his first day on the job for bringing a watermelon to work.

Robert Pattison, 41, introduced himself to his fellow firefighters at Engine 55 at the corner of Joy and Southfield in Detroit by bringing a welcome gift, WJBK reported.

Second Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty calls this welcome gift “a tradition” for Engine 55’s firefighters.

“It’s not mandatory, it’s voluntary,” he said. “You come in bearing gifts. The usual gift is doughnuts, but you are allowed to bring whatever you want to bring in.”

Pattison, who was a probationary firefighter, decided to stand out from the crowd and bring a watermelon with a pink bow on top.

Some black firefighters were reportedly offended by Pattison’s gesture since 90 percent of the firefighters at Engine 55 are black.

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Hurricane Harvey | Joel Osteen Memes

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen lambasted in hilarious memes as the televangelist goes on Twitter blocking spree – shutting out users who criticized him for not opening his church to Houston victims sooner

By Ashley Collman | 30 Aug 2017

Joel Osteen has become the butt of many jokes online for his delayed reaction to Hurricane Harvey.

The televangelist has been widely criticized for failing to open his 17,000-seat church to flooding evacuees sooner.

The multi-millionaire preacher tweeted Monday that his church was ‘inaccessible’ despite photos that showed it was mostly unharmed in the hurricane.

Since then, many have been pointing out the hypocrisy of Osteen’s Christianity online with hilarious memes.

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Hurricane Harvey | Pastor Joel Osteen’s Un-Christian Behavior

Lakewood Church


‘Looks like you can f***ing open up your church’: Furious Texans post videos claiming multimillionaire pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch WASN’T flooded as he FINALLY opens its doors to refugees

By James Wilkinson and Michelle Ganney | 29 Aug 2017

On Monday, Osteen had said in a Facebook post that the church was ‘inaccessible’ due to flooding.

But now video and photos are emerging that suggest the building had not been inundated with water yesterday, and could have taken in several hundred people.

In one video, posted on Monday night but filmed during daylight, a man is seen walking around the church, noting just a few puddles here and there.

‘Looks like you can f**king open up your church right now, Joel,’ he says. ‘Why don’t you go ahead and do it? Because you know what’s happening across the freeway?

‘People are dying.’

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‘Our number one priority is safety’: Multimillionaire preacher Joel Osteen DEFENDS not opening megachurch to evacuees earlier and claims it was too dangerous

By Jenny Stanton and James Wilkinson | 30 Aug 2017

On Monday, Osteen had said in a Facebook post that the church was ‘inaccessible’ due to flooding.

And in a since deleted Instagram post Sunday by Lakewood associate pastor John Gray, he said: ‘For the people spreading lies about my church. If WE could get there WE WOULD OPEN THE DOORS.

‘As soon as the highways aren’t flooded please know @lakewoodchurch will do all they can alleviate the pain and suffering of as many people as possible. Love y’all! #CantStandLiars.’

Three people who showed up at the church on Sunday spent the night there before being taken to a city shelter.

After claims were made that the church was inaccessible, video and photos emerged that suggest the building had not been inundated with water Monday, and could have taken in several hundred people.

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‘We were just being precautious’: Smiling Pastor Joel Osteen DEFENDS his decision not to shelter desperate Houston evacuees in his 17,000-seater megachurch sooner, citing ‘safety issues’

By Ashley Collman | 30 Aug 2017

Pastor Joel Osteen doubled down on his defense for not opening his Houston church to flood evacuees sooner.

Osteen was widely criticized when he tweeted on Monday that his church was ‘inaccessible’ and wasn’t being used as a shelter, despite pictures showing it was mostly unharmed in the storm.

In an interview with the Today show Wednesday morning, Osteen said that his church has worked with the city in the past, but that the city didn’t reach out to use them as a shelter before Hurricane Harvey hit.

Harvey made landfall on Friday, and left thousands displaced. But Lakewood Church wasn’t opened up until Tuesday, because of safety concerns, Osteen said.

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Online Jihadis Embrace Instagram (Warning: Graphic Images)


March 14, 2013
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report No.948

Online Jihadis Embrace Instagram (Warning: Graphic Images)

By: Steven Stalinsky*


Instagram is an increasingly popular social media company that allows users to share photos.  The site boasts 90 million monthly active users, and says that its users post 40 million photos every day.[1] Photos used on Instagram can be seen by visiting websites such as Statigram, which is a web viewer for Instagram that allows users to view and search photos.[2]

Since MEMRI first began monitoring the site four months ago, there has been a tremendous increase of its use by online jihadis. A common theme of the photos that they post is images of and quotes by Al-Qaeda leaders such as Osama bin Laden, Anwar Al-Awlaki, Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and many others. Another theme is the glorification of imprisoned jihadis: the Blind Sheikh Omar Abd Al-Rahman, Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan, underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and many others who have successfully attacked Americans.

Following the recent phenomenon of the dissemination of photos of dead jihadi “martyrs” on Twitter, many of the same images, and similar ones, can be found on Instagram.

According to Instagram’s Community Guidelines, accounts found to share prohibited or illegal content, including photographs of extreme violence or gore, may be disabled, and Instagram “will take appropriate action, “which may include reporting [the user] to the authorities.”[3]

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