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MSNBC Host on Muslim Terrorist Atrocity in Oklahoma: ‘Muslims are hilarious!’ (Warning: graphic images)

The Foxhole

The assclowns at MSNBC have a new narrative. Those bloody muzzies are a real knee slapper. Har har har.

Via BizPac Review.

After a recent convert to Islam beheaded an Oklahoma woman, an MSNBC panel suggested doing away with stereotyping Islam followers as violent and calling them “hilarious” instead.

The panelists joined MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on Saturday to discuss an effort to use comedy to counter “anti-Muslim” ads that will soon grace the sides of New York City buses.

“I would be remiss not to bring up the story out of Oklahoma,” Harris-Perry said. “It is a story I read as a ‘work-place violence’ story.”

Because who among us has not witnessed a beheading on the job?
Harris-Perry played press conference video of a Moore, Okla., police official quoting the victim’s co-workers as saying the man behind the attack, Alton Nolen, tried to convert some of them to…

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MSNBC, NBC Ignore Hamas’ Human Shields

July 13, 2014 | by Tamar Sternthal
Over the last several days, NBC and MSNBC have repeatedly emphasized what broadcaster Brian Williams has called “a rather lopsided conflict”: Israeli citizens have bomb shelters, sirens and an Iron Dome to keep them safe from incoming rockets, Gaza civilians have none of these means of protection against Israeli airstrikes, the networks report. While this is all true, NBC and MSNBC ignore the true lopsidedness of the conflict: that Israel has invested heavily in both technology and construction to safeguard its citizens and to provide them with critical life-saving warnings as well as high-tech and low-tech protection, while the Hamas government of Gaza, which has not taken steps to safeguard its people, has actually gone of its way to endanger them.

While Hamas has acquired advanced Iranian and Syrian rockets, it has not dedicated any of its technological abilities for defensive purposes, including warning systems. While  it has developed a vast underground network of tunnels and bunkers to shield its weapons, Hamas has not used any of its coveted concrete to build shelters for its civilians. While the Israeli government provides its citizens with detailed guidelines about how to protect themselves and their families, the Hamas government encourages its citizens to literally stand in the line of fire as human shields.
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MSNBC Host Repeatedly Presses White House Official: ‘Why Is the President Not Visiting the Border?’

From The Blaze
Jul. 8, 2014 9:00pm   |     By
MSNBC host Alex Wagner repeatedly grilled a White House official Tuesday, repeatedly pressing her over President Barack Obama’s “refusal” to visit the humanitarian crisis occurring on the Southern border.

“One thing seems to be bipartisan accord on, if I can say that in these days, is that a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle think it is imperative that the president visit the border and t is not just Republicans,” Wanger told Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

“Why is the president not visiting the border?” she then asked her.

“So what the border situation needs is the full attention all across the administration, from the president on down. That’s what’s been happening since June 1st,” Muñoz responded, noting that the administration has deployed the Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice to work on the crisis.
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Obama Apologizes for Prisoner Swap, Judge Napolitano Says He Should Be Impeached

By Lily Dane
The Daily Sheeple
June 3rd, 2014


The AP has reported that the White House has apologized for not giving key lawmakers advance notice of the controversial Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap:

Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, the top Democrat and Republican respectively on the Senate Select committee on Intelligence, said White House officials called them Monday to say the lack of notification had been an oversight. Feinstein said she received a call from Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken.

The White House damage control comes as Republican lawmakers accused the White House of putting U.S. service men and women at risk by releasing the five top Taliban members being held in Guantanamo in exchange for Bergdahl.

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‘You wish’: MSNBC tries to pin Bergdahl fiasco on Republicans

Watch: MSNBC Tries To Enroll In ObamaCare On Live TV – Fails Miserably, Abandons Effort After Site Keeps Crashing

The Aftermath of the George Zimmerman Case, Part 3: The Weight of History

From American Thinker
September 2, 2013  |  By Jonathan Cohen

See also: The Aftermath of the George Zimmerman Case, Part 1: The Trial, the Evidence and the Verdict and
The Aftermath of the George Zimmerman Case, Part 2: The role of the media, the lawyers and the racial divide

Sixty years ago the black sociologist E. Franklin Frazier wrote a book “Black Bourgeoisie” in which he was very critical of the black press for greatly exaggerating the accomplishments of the black middle class. In many ways it was a cruel book because so much of the reality he exposed was a reality imposed on blacks by centuries of pervasive prejudice and discrimination. But his unsparing honesty was driven by the belief that self-deception is self-destructive and hindered blacks’ progress in accumulating wealth and in confronting the wider society with their very legitimate grievances. He was particularly critical of the black press of whom he said

“The Negro press is not only one of the most successful business enterprises owned and controlled by Negroes; it is the chief medium of communication which creates and perpetuates the world of make believe for the black bourgeoisie.  Although the Negro press declares itself to be the spokesman for the Negro group as a whole, it represents essentially the interests and outlook of the black bourgeoisie. Its demand for equality for the Negro in American life is concerned primarily with opportunities which will benefit the black bourgeoisie economically and enhance the social status of the Negro. The Negro press reveals the inferiority complex of the black bourgeoisie and provides a documentation of the attempts of this class to seek compensations for its hurt self-esteem and exclusion from American life. Its exaggerations concerning the economic well-being and cultural achievements of Negroes, its emphasis upon Negro “Society”, all tend to create a world of make-believe into which the black bourgeoisie can escape from its inferiority and inconsequence in American society”.

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The Racist Liberal System

From FrontPage
August 30, 2013   |  By Daniel Greenfield


George Zimmerman was tried, convicted and sentenced in the media on the charge of Racism in the First Degree without a single piece of supporting evidence other than the bare fact of his altercation with a black man.

Had there been a time when Zimmerman had uttered a racial slur then NBC or the New York Times would have dug it up and presented it to readers and viewers first thing next morning. Instead the volume of opposing evidence, including Zimmerman’s advocacy on behalf of a homeless black man assaulted by police was ignored as a fact inconvenient to the racial narrative.

Paula Deen was tried, convicted and sentenced as the Nation’s Worst Racist (after the passing of George Wallace) for using a racial slur about a man who put a gun to her head back in 1986. Walmart stopped selling a cookbook because its author said something bad back when Sam Walton was still CEO and America and Russia were going head to head over whether Communism or Capitalism would dominate. (Communism won, but Capitalism gets to sell cheap copies of the rope it’s being hung with.)

The black murderers of Chris Lane, a white Australian baseball player, one of whom tweeted that he hated white people and boasted of assaulting five of them since the Zimmerman verdict and the other who used Black Nationalist signage, are not being accused of racism. That means that if they ever write a prison cookbook, Walmart will probably sell it.

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Top 10 Racist African-Americans

From FrontPage
August 27, 2013  | By Matthew Vadum


Sadly, racism is very much alive in America — among influential black Americans.

It was very much on display Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial where prominent black activists gathered a few days ahead of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I have a dream” speech in order to advance their careers by pretending to care about the state of race relations in the nation today.

Instead of simply using the opportunity to honor the work of his father in a dignified way, King’s son, Martin Luther King III, cheapened it by attempting to stir up racial hatred. He said the Trayvon Martin killing last year, ruled by a jury to be a justifiable homicide in which race played no role, shows that America is a deeply racist country.

“The task is not done, the journey is not complete,” he said. “The vision preached by my father a half-century ago was that his four little children would no longer live in a nation where they would judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

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