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Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton















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Video Proof: Seven Instances of Hillary’s Clinton’s Naked Racism

Daily Wire
By John Nolte | 26 August 2016

Of course Hillary Clinton is a racist whose words, policies and indifference have only increased division, despair, misery and poverty in America’s predominantly black inner-cities. She stokes fear, and she preys on these communities with policies of dependence and nihilism. Trump is absolutely right when he says that Clinton sees people of color only as votes and not as human beings.

Clinton’s naked racism comes in many forms.

Its breadth and scope spans decades.

1. Hillary Clinton is the Godmother of the Birther Movement

Obviously the mainstream media is now memory-holing all of this…

2. Hillary’s Racist Policies

For more than fifty years Democrats like Hillary Clinton have backed policies that have provably decimated our predominantly black inner-cities and more importantly, the black family. The welfare state is nothing more than another plantation. Moreover, all of the left’s do-gooder crime policies almost exclusively hurt urban areas. Criminals prey primarily on the poor, not on the residents of Chappaqua or the Virginia suburbs.

Hillary’s opposition to school choice and charter schools is not only mercenary, it is monstrous.

It is the hatred of contempt and indifference that flames Hillary’s bigotry.

3. Hillary Embraces Racist Black Lives Matter

Other than the police officers being hunted down and murdered (many of whom are not white), who does Black Lives Matter most hurt? Blacks. Every single one of these BLM riots have happened in black neighborhoods.
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UW students sell anti-police, anti-white hoodies

Campus Reform
By Cahleel Copus, Wisconsin Campus Correspondent on Oct 06, 2016 at 2:42 PM EDT
Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are asking people to buy sweatshirts promoting violence against police officers and classifying all white people as racists.

“Racism,” claims one hoodie’s page, “is a set of systematic, institutional, cultural, and epistemological (although not limited to said forms) structures [sic] that inherently empowers white folk and in turn disempowers people of color. This power dictates who lives, have housing, access to education/healthcare etc. Racism has little to do with hatred and mostly to do with who has power.”

“Attention! Black men: if you’re talking about dismantling a system, you better include patriarchy,” reads one hoodie. “You can’t be a revolutionary and homophobic,” reads another.

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Birth of a hate movement

rev-jesse-lee-peterson_avatar By Jesse Lee Peterson | 9 October 2016
Warning to whites: Avoid black people. Your life may be at risk.

Whites are under attack like no other time in history. It’s about to get worse.

More than 100 years ago, President Woodrow Wilson screened a movie in the White House, “The Birth of a Nation,” originally called “The Clansmen.” Historian Carol Swain told Dinesh D’Souza in his latest documentary that the film inspired a resurgence of membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

Today, another American president has brought a worse hate movement to the White House: Black Lives Matter. And this past Friday, another hate-inspired propaganda movie with the same name, “The Birth of a Nation,” was released. It’s evil enough to stir black anger to new levels of violence against whites.

If you don’t already know about rampant black-on-white crime (rape, robbery, murder and atrocious assaults), check the research of Colin Flaherty, Heather Mac Donald and Jared Taylor.

Yet if whites even hint about the truth of black moral degradation, they get suspended, fired or have their basketball team taken away – and they’re forced to apologize. This injustice strikes fear and anger in whites.

Blacks are the most violent people in America, all the more in interracial attacks. But the wicked amplify and applaud black anger as though they’re “victims.”

I cannot think of anything more evil than to justify anger.

Whites, watch your backs; keep your wits about you. Stay out of black areas. Avoid black people on public transportation. Don’t walk alone at night. Don’t be a target. And don’t think you’re tough.
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HILLARY CLINTON | Top Ten Examples Of Hillary Clinton’s Racism The Media Chooses To Ignore

June 11, 2016| by Brian Anderson
The liberal media, democrats, and even some Republicans are going crazy over Donald Trump’s “racism.” For the record, the GOP nominee has made comments against illegal alien criminals and Islamic terrorists, but has never attacked or spoken ill of anyone’s race. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has a long and sordid history of making racist remarks, but somehow gets a free pass.

If the media wants to focus on the racism of the presidential candidates, why are they ignoring these 10 prime examples:

#1 – In 1974, after Bill Clinton lost his bid for a Senate seat, Hillary lashed out at campaign manager Paul Fray calling him a, “f*cking Jew bastard!” This outburst was witnessed and confirmed by 3 people, so it definitely happened.

#2 – As First Lady, Hillary called young black men “super-predators” indicating that she thought all young black males were violent criminals. She also said, “We have to bring them to heel,” like young blacks are the same as dogs. Despite thinking this was incredibly racist, blacks still support Hillary.
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HILLARY CLINTON | Tax Hikes, Benghazi, Racism, and more

Americans ‘facing $1 trillion tax hike’ with Clinton
There’s been talk about what a Hillary Clinton presidency would cost the United States: more loss of religious rights as she pursues Barack Obama’s “gay” agenda, a loss of gun rights, a diminution of military might, the incalculable toll of appointing Supreme Court justices who want the law to reflect their own ideologies rather than the Constitution.
But here’s something that’s certainly a little more defined.
$1 trillion.
Or probably more, in massive tax hikes she’s proposing.
It amounts to a bump of $3,100 per taxpayer.
At least.
The report comes from Americans for Tax Reform.
It says Clinton is suggesting a $350 billion hike in income taxes by limiting the itemized deductions for families, a $275 billion hike through “undefined business tax reform and a $400 billion “fairness” tax hike.
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Man Films Police Interaction Over Facebook Live, Goes Wrong When He Films Drugs In His Car

Daily Mail
Published: 10:24 EST, 17 September 2016 | Updated: 13:01 EST, 17 September 2016
A Texas man pulled over on traffic violations says he was unfairly target by police and took it to Facebook Live video to capture his interaction with cops.

But officers say he incriminated himself in footage of the incident, filming as he tried to hide drugs from police officers.

Dominique Desha Green, 24, faces 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the Friday traffic stop in Dallas, the Dallas News reported.

In the broadcast, Green says he was scrolling through his phone while at an AutoZone parking lot when an officer approached him.

He says police tried to arrest him ‘for being black on a Friday.’

‘They’re just f***ing with me because I’m young, black — and on the wrong side of the neighborhood,’ Green said.

A number of police officers can be seen in the video surrounding Green’s car.

Near the video’s 10-minute mark, Green is heard doing something with the driver’s door, although the action is off-camera.

Police says that’s when Green stashed cocaine in the driver’s side door.

‘I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of s**t,’ he says in the video.

Assault, Racist Remark and Death Threat against Police Officer

He is seen in the video arguing with the cop who pulled him over, Officer Kristopher Trotter — and later spat on his face while being arrested, police said.

Green also tried to kick out the window of the police car, and later continued at yell at the officer who arrested him.

Trotter — however you pronounce it — that’s a unique name,’ he said, the Dallas News reported.

‘What? It European? You Pilgrim ass cracker.’

Police say Green also threatened to kill Officer Trotter and his wife, and to sexually assault his daughter.

‘When I get out I’m going to hunt you down,’ he said, according to the Dallas News.
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Interracial Attacks That the Media Ignored

From FrontPage Mag
September 12, 2014   |   By
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.00.42 PM
For weeks on end, the police shooting death of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri by a white officer had managed to remain front and center on the national stage.  The usual suspects in the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) held up this incident as proof that “black men in America are under attack,” or some gibberish along these lines.

The truth, of course, is dramatically otherwise, a fact of which no remotely aware or honest human being needs any reminding.

For starters, black men in America are under attack.  But the predators responsible are not whites, whether police officers are otherwise; rather, they are other black men.
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