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#SJW | More Whining from SJWs about Microaggressions, White Privilege, Safe Spaces, and etc.

offended-youre-a-pussyNC State: Calling America ‘A Land Of Opportunity’ Is A Microaggression
A “microaggression tool” published by North Carolina State University’s faculty ombuds informs the school’s employees that phrases such as “America is a land of opportunity” or “I believe the most qualified person should get the job,” are “microaggressions” and shouldn’t be used.
going-to-stay-this-color-the-jerkThe Very Existence Of White People Is A Microaggression
Black people can’t be racist against white people, because duh. White people are inherently racist against black people, for reasons that go without saying.
We all know these things to be true. Look into your heart (if you’re not a conservative and actually have one) and you can’t deny your intrinsic guilt or innocence, depending on what you see in the mirror. But it took our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in academia to prove it’s true, using capital-S Science.
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Before you watch this video I recommend you read the article Steven Crowder Delivers Most Epic Smackdown of Leftist Protestors Ever [includes video of the University of Massachusetts event called “The Triggering” with Steven Crowder, Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos]. TrigglyPuff, a glorious symbol of SJW rage, was one of the attendees.
Some Black Guy [that’s his YouTube screenname] delivers his own smackdown of TrigglyPuff. [After you watch this video please take time to visit Some Black Guy‘s YouTube channel. From his About page on YouTube: “I’m just some black guy who is tired of this PC movement poisoning everything I enjoy. This is more cancerous than religious zealots. This channel is to point and laugh at their stupidity and to promote critical thinking that will help stamp out this latest plague.”]

Published on May 4, 2016
It’s worse than we feared.

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Mary’s encounter with TRIGGLYPUFF(Mary, if you see this, I love you)

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