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mcdonaldsMcDonald’s lays off 70 American accountants from Ohio and gives their jobs to foreign workers as part of cost-cutting exercise
21 Sept 2016
McDonald’s has laid off 70 native-born employees from Ohio and filled their positions with contracted workers who entered the country on H-1B visas.
A spokesperson for McDonald’s told Breitbart that the company decided to lay off the 70 Americans in order to save costs.
What is most striking about the news, is that the fast food chain is outsourcing jobs that are considered ‘mainstream white-collar positions’ like accounting.
The significance of this development is that American companies are increasingly turning to cheaper labor from foreign countries in order to man positions in all corners of the economy, and not just hi-tech and software firms.
‘[This] is not just a Silicon Valley thing anymore, it is happening all over’ the US, Steve Camarota, head of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Breitbart.
There are now over 800,000 ‘guest workers’ in the US who have been hired to do ‘white-collar temporary jobs.’ Of them, 650,000 are here on an H-1B multi-year visa.
GOP nominee Donald Trump (right) has said he would ban the H-1B visa program, while Hillary Clinton (left) backs green cards to foreigners who graduate in the US with STEM degrees
‘To deliver $500 million in savings, the vast majority by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting function,’ the spokesperson, Terri Hickey, said.
Obama Kept His Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost And 400 Mines Shuttered
By Andrew Follett | 5 Sept 2016
This Labor Day, America has 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 coal mines than it did when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, showing that the president has followed through on his pledge to “bankrupt” the coal industry.
A 2015 study found the coal industry lost 50,000 jobs from 2008 to 2012 during Obama’s first term. During Obama’s second term, the industry employment in coal mining has fallen by another 33,300 jobs, 10,900 of which occurred in the last year alone, according to federal data. Currently, coal mining employs 69,460 Americans, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Much of the blame for the job losses is targeted at federal regulations aimed at preventing global warming, which caused coal power plants to go bankrupt, resulting in a sharp decline in the price of coal.
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Muslims Showing Tolerance and Compassion While Tirelessly Contributing to World Peace Pt 48

france-no-go-zonesFrance is considering declaring Marseilles, its second largest city, a ‘NO-GO’ Zone due, primarily, to rampant Muslim violence.

1 August 2013
…At last count, there were a total of 751 Sensitive Urban Zones, a comprehensive list of which can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated five million Muslims live in the ZUS — parts of France over which the French state has lost control.

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Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America

From End of the American Dream
By Michael Snyder, on January 31st, 2016
Major retailers in the United States are shutting down hundreds of stores, and shoppers are reporting alarmingly bare shelves in many retail locations that are still open all over the country.  It appears that the retail apocalypse that made so many headlines in 2015 has gone to an entirely new level as we enter 2016.  As economic activity slows down and Internet retailers capture more of the market, brick and mortar retailers are cutting their losses.  This is especially true in areas that are on the lower portion of the income scale.  In impoverished urban centers all over the nation, it is not uncommon to find entire malls that have now been completely abandoned.  It has been estimated that there is about a billion square feet of retail space sitting empty in this country, and this crisis is only going to get worse as the retail apocalypse accelerates.

We always get a wave of store closings after the holiday shopping season, but this year has been particularly active.  The following are just a few of the big retailers that have already made major announcements…
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EBT Card Recipients Ransack Wal-Mart Stores, Stealing Carts Full of Food During Federal Computer Glitch

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves

When the federal EBT food stamp system suffered a critical failure on Saturday, local retailers were disconnected from the federal food stamp database that keeps track of how much credit is left on each individual EBT card. Seizing the opportunity provided by the glitch, EBT card holders in Louisiana ransacked their local Wal-Mart stores, stuffing their shopping carts full of groceries and “paying” for them with near-empty EBT cards that essentially had unlimited account balancesbecause all accounting was offline.

When the EBT database came back online and card purchase limits were suddenly restored, EBT card holders abandoned their full carts and just walked away, probably miffed that they missed out on participating in the felony theft of groceries.

This happened at Wal-Mart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA. As local news station KSLA reports:

Shelves in Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA were reportedly cleared Saturday…

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Saudi Woman Spit on People at Florida Walmart Because “Higher Authority” Made Her Do It

Racism and Black on White Violence in Obamamerika Pt 5

$10, cell phone and a bullet to head 12/20/2012

People who say racial violence is “random” either do not know what the word means, or they are not telling the truth.
The latest “random” attack – that wasn’t random – happened earlier this month in downtown Wilmington, N.C.
Four black people decided they needed some money for marijuana and travel, so they decided to look for a “white person in a good neighborhood (because) they’re bound to have money lying around,” said one of the suspected killers to the Wilmington Star News.

Black commentators sound off on racial violence 08/06/2012

An epidemic of black-on-white racial violence has swept across the United States, with cases so numerous they sometimes are not even reported.
But what has been confirmed is startling, with reports that people are taking to arming themselves for protection from the rampaging black mobs and a black blogger putting the question out there: Why don’t blacks behave?
The violence has stretched from affluent neighborhoods all across the states.
In Chicago, it’s even been called a race war.

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LA Mob Loots Walmart, Beats People In Name Of Trayvon…