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Captain Obvious

Laugh [it’s good for the soul]


Laugh [it’s good for the soul]

Poking Fun At Terrorists

Four Lions

An American Carol

Why is he staring at me?


Cat imitating Ricky Gervais

Cutie on the loose



Obama And Clinton’s Hug Was Perfect, Until Internet Trolls Ruined Everything

Bored Panda
After Barak Obama hugged Hillary Clinton following his speech at the Democratic National Convention recently, Photoshoppers everywhere were quick to respond to the Reddit call to battle, and it looks like they’ve really gone to town on this one. Whether they’re sharing a blanket at Woodstock, reenacting Kate and Leo’s famous Titanic scene, or sharing a special moment at the high school dance, Barak And Hillary’s warm embrace is sure to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.
#1 Wild Putin Appears
#2 A New Era in Foreign Relationships
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