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Shocking footage shot inside a Costco egg farm sheds light on ‘humane’ cage-free conditions

Daily Mail
By Dailymail.com Reporter | Published: 20:57 EST, 21 October 2016 | Updated: 23:15 EST, 21 October 2016
Shocking video footage shot by animal rights activists at a Costco egg farm in California shows chickens living in appalling conditions and pecking each other to death.

The eggs produced at the farm are being labelled as ‘cage-free’, but the video released earlier this week casts doubt over the animals’ living conditions.

The chickens, many missing their feathers and gravely injured, are living on top of each other in a crowded barn, and are covered in feces.

The film, shot by the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), also appears to show chickens eating one another as well as dead birds lining the floor of the Farmington egg farm where they are based.
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Disturbing surveillance video shows knife-wielding man repeatedly stabbing family dog through gate

Daily Mail
By Snejana Farberov For Dailymail.com | Published: 12:17 EST, 11 October 2016 | Updated: 14:46 EST, 11 October 2016


An appalling home surveillance video has emerged showing a man repeatedly stabbing a dog in the face and neck through an iron fence.

Houston resident Veronica Castro says she woke up Saturday morning to discover blood stains in her yard, and later came upon her Rottweiler mix named Chaz cowering in fear and bleeding from multiple cuts to his lips and neck.

Castro then reviewed footage recorded by a CCTV camera trained on the gate around her house and saw a man jabbing a knife through the fence at Chaz.

According to Mrs Castro, the man in the video appears to be Hispanic, between 5 feet 9 and 6 feet 2 in height, wearing a white shirt that appears to say ‘Hardy’ on the front.
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ANIMAL CRUELTY | Man beat dog and then got his ass kicked


Man Who Savagely Beat His Girlfriend’s Dog on Video Gets Beaten Even Worse

When Tom-Jan Hüsch’s girlfriend broke up with him, he thought he’d break her heart by posting a video of himself maliciously punching her dog. What he didn’t count on was an animal lover seeking justice and giving him a taste of his own vile medicine.

Hüsch held the shrieking dog up and hit it in the face over and over again, clearly taking pleasure in his heinous deed. He posted the video on Facebook, and it was removed not long after. But some sources managed to track down a copy, as well as a video of the attack that took place afterwards.

Josef Guldschmitt, a man who had seen the video, was enraged by what he had witnessed. He vowed to exact revenge for the sake of the poor dog, who hopefully was no longer under the “care” of Hüsch. Guldschmitt tracked him down and recorded his own video of a savage beating, but this time it was Hüsch who was the victim.
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ANIMAL CRUELTY | Medical students in India throw dog off balcony

Brave dog who was thrown off a balcony by two cruel medical students in a sick video prank makes a miraculous recovery and finds a happy new home

A dog thrown off a building by two Indian medical students who videod their sick prank has made a miraculous recovery and found a loving new home.

Bhadra was thought to have died in the cruel stunt in Chennai, southern India, which made headlines earlier this year after her torturers posted footage online.

But it has now emerged that the plucky animal survived – despite broken bones – and was still wagging her tail despite writhing in pain when she was found.

It took two months for her injuries to heal. But during that time she won the heart of Karthik Dhandapani, a Blue Cross animal welfare volunteer who fostered her.


Karthik Dhandapani, Blue Cross Animal Welfare Volunteer

He loved her so much that he managed to persuade his mother – who never liked dogs – to let him adopt her and give her a ‘forever home’.
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ANIMAL CRUELTY | Spanish farm workers torture pigs

Spanish farm workers avoid jail despite barbaric video showing them beating pregnant pigs with metal bars, stabbing them with rusty swords and RIPPING piglets from their wombs

Two Spanish farm workers have avoided jail despite shocking video emerging of them torturing pregnant pigs and ripping piglets from their wombs.

The pair, named locally as Antonio Jimenez Hernandez and Juan Ricardo Rodas, were told their sentence for animal cruelty was being suspended because they didn’t have any previous convictions, a court in Cartegana heard.

The men were also given a three year ban from working with animals and were also told they would have to take an animal welfare course.
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ANIMAL CRUELTY | Dog groomer Mironda Henning abuses cockapoo

Secret video recording showing dog grooming owner jerking, flipping and brushing a cockapoo so roughly it ‘defecated and vomited’ sparks protest
In the video, an owner of The Fuzzy Butt Stops Here in Williamsburg is shown forcibly jerking, flipping and harshly brushing a cockapoo while grooming it.
At one point the groomer, identified as Mironda Henning, can be heard cursing and complaining about the dog named Gidget’s owner bringing it in with matted fur.
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Americans Fund Islamic Jihad Via Stealth (Halal) Zakat:Restaurants In America Submitting To Shariah Law! Patriots, Forewarned…..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki — Adina Kutnicki

THIS investigative journalist is (literally) in the cross hairs of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia and it is not for nothing. Featuring, shining a spotlight on, their global goals in a major interview (Oct. 2013) elicited one threat after another. Not only that, an upcoming book release (Sept. 2016) will enrage them even further – […]

via Americans Fund Islamic Jihad Via Stealth (Halal) Zakat:Restaurants In America Submitting To Shariah Law! Patriots, Forewarned…..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki — Adina Kutnicki

Horrific video shows sadistic man hanging a cat from a tree and using it as a PUNCHBAG

There is a special place in hell for sick bastards like this.
From Daily Mail
By Harriet Mallinson For Mailonline | Published: 05:54 EST, 25 April 2016 | Updated: 08:30 EST, 25 April 2016

3383EB2A00000578-3557418-image-m-37_1461579362353Dmitry Kiyanitsa


  • Dmitry Kiyanitsa was secretly filmed torturing the cat by animal activists
  • He hung the cat to a tree by a metal wire around its throat and punched it
  • The man also used a hose pipe and a stick to attack the cat
  • Kiyanitsa now faces charges of animal cruelty and faces jail if convicted


A sadistic man has been arrested for animal cruelty after he was caught on video hanging a cat from a tree and using it as a punchbag.

Animal rights activists secretly filmed Dmitry Kiyanitsa, 31, torturing felines at his home in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.

Svetlana Lavrikova and Yulia Khomenko had been tipped off by Kiyanitsa’s neighbours but needed evidence to get police involved.


Powerful Video Shows Us What It’s REALLY Like For Abandoned Pets

From Little Things
By Barbara Diamond

Here, we meet a woman who finds a lost dog found and takes him to what looks like a kill shelter. Seconds later, things take a crazy turn when the woman is left to her own devices, a witness to the sheer strangeness taking place around every corner. I won’t give it away, but she’s met with truly bizarre and creepy scenes in this facility where animals and humans have switched places. People are locked in cages, being poked and prodded, and dragged around by their necks. It’s as if they’re being held hostage and treated like props. The entire time, however, the woman remains silent. Perhaps she’s too stunned and confused to speak up?


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